Translation of equivalence in Spanish:


equivalencia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪˈkwɪvələns/ /ɪˈkwɪv(ə)l(ə)ns/

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    equivalencia feminine
    • The Court began by setting out the principle of national procedural autonomy, as qualified by the conditions of equivalence and practical possibility.
    • He gave necessary and sufficient conditions for the linear equivalence of two curves on a surface F in 1905.
    • Their doctrine of moral equivalence couldn't survive equal scrutiny.
    • Before and after studies may also show a lack of equivalence between comparators, and interventions may vary.
    • All placebo controlled trials were positive and all comparative trials indicated equivalence with other active therapies.
    • Just as, during the Cold War, the majority felt that there wasn't much to choose between the two superpowers, so today a similar moral equivalence also has its grip on the party.
    • Saladin and Richard certainly knew about truce and parley in one era of technological equivalence between their two civilisations.
    • But it has done so only by recapitulating the ancient and damaging equivalences between male and culture, female and nature.
    • The relationship between culture and society is not, as Okri appears to suggest, one of strict equivalence, as in great society equals great culture.
    • This controls for functional equivalence but not for sequence similarity.
    • The size of neuron clusters that we have successfully recreated in terms of functional equivalence is also scaling up exponentially.
    • We submit it is plainly wrong to apply any doctrine of functional equivalence, as their Honours plainly did.
    • Although the primary outcome (respiratory function) may be assumed to have equivalence, adverse effects are much less well reported.
    • The obvious answer is that the Charter could make real the commitment to equivalence in the Agreement.
    • Sending simpler entities may still give the receiver an adequate level of functional equivalence from the exchange.
    • What is bothering me is that issue of lack of moral equivalence.
    • At a deeper level, the moral equivalence that values each human being equally, is based on a deeper lack of moral equivalence.
    • If you talk about the big boys they may just talk about you in return, producing a sense of equivalence in the process.
    • Lack of measurement equivalence is often referred to as measurement bias.
    • The basic equivalence is that one year's heavy dust exposure equates to one year's average smoking.