Translation of erect in Spanish:


erguido, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈrɛkt/ /ɪˈrɛkt/

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    (bearing/posture) erguido
    (bearing/posture) derecho
    with head erect con la cabeza erguida / muy alta
    • with ears erect con las orejas levantadas / tiesas
    • Remembering to keep your body straight, head erect, arms straight and to the sides or above the head, is really quite difficult.
    • The upright beam was held erect with guys, while the oblique arm or boom hoisted and swung the stone into position.
    • Stand up straight - studies show that if you stand upright with your head erect, smile and breathe deeply, it is almost impossible to ‘feel’ depressed.
    • They were tall and erect, straight men in every sense of the term.
    • The flowers are upright, erect and funnel-like in shape, measuring about 40 mm in length.
    • That is to say, these feelings, shaped by biology and gravity which commit us to an upright and erect posture, have obscured some very necessary goals of architecture.
    • The basic principle is to keep an upright, erect posture.
    • It was realized that the Neandertal people, when healthy, stood straight and erect.
    • His back is perfectly straight and erect, his hands behind his head, grasping at his hair, face contorted in agony.
    • The trunk is held erect with the spine straight and chest lifted.
    • I also prefer the world of Ash trees as they are straight and erect, no messing about clogging up the skyline.
    • When the bar reaches knee level extend your torso and stand erect with your straight down at your sides, exhaling as you do so
    • Another of the positions is keeping the back straight and erect, with the vertebrae of the spinal column in a straight line.
    • He possessed an erect, upright bearing and as his hair turned gray, he became more physically impressive but not domineering in appearance.
    • These were active, fast-moving animals, with fully erect and upright posture, just like dinosaurs and mammals.
    • Inhale while in lunge, bringing torso erect, then raise arms straight overhead.
    • Suddenly, I saw its myriad blades rise erect and shivering.
    • He sat bolt upright, his hackles jumping erect.
    • He stood erect, his arms hanging stiffly at his sides.
    • She bent over, with her arm still erect, and snatched it with her other hand.
  • 2

    • A condom is a thin sheath, usually made out of latex, which is rolled onto an erect penis before sexual contact.
    • The worn T-shirt she wore did nothing to conceal the fact that Jess was cold, her hard, erect nipples pressing against the soft cotton of her shirt.
    • Such women as these emasculate the male sexual drive, they reduce the man's erect penis to a limp one!
    • As she said this, she lifted a plasticine model of an erect penis, complete with testicles and all.
    • I find it ludicrous that an erect penis or penetration is still something that is not really permitted to be shown.
    • It seems an erect penis used in a fictionally violent manner is somehow worse than a gun used the same way.
    • The canvas featured an erect penis and a crucifix with what appeared to be semen dripping from it.
    • However, while I was outside yesterday, I noticed that my left nipple was particularly erect.
    • But I did notice that I was the only woman in there whose nipples were erect.
    • Another effect of the treatment is erect nipples, which lasts about three to four weeks.
    • So I wanted her, wanted to run my tongue over those erect nipples, to play with the twin black hairs, to know what it felt like to slip inside her.
    • She laughed at me and pulled my friend by his still totally erect penis into our bedroom.
    • He covered her erect nipple with his mouth and watched her.
    • Unfastening her bra he pulled it off slowly toward him, her erect nipples rubbing against the flesh of his chest.
    • A Western man in the audience could attract as much attention as an erect nipple.
    • She muffled a small moan as his hand pinched her erect nipple through the dress.
    • An automatic system causes the nipple to become erect when stimulated by tactile or sexual stimuli.
    • You can be as powerful and intelligent and as rich as you like, but if I make your penis erect, you're under my control.
    • It cannot produce desire; it simply helps to make a penis erect once the desire is there.
    • It was fully erect, and standing straight out from his body.
    • There was pubic hair, an erect phallus, graphic sounds all sorts of things to incense prudes, and maybe even affect the more jaded among us.

transitive verb

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    (altar/monument) erigir formal
    (altar/monument) levantar
    (barricade/wall) levantar
    they erected a monument to the fallen levantaron un monumento a los caídos
    • The bill includes the cost of erecting the various building structures as well as expenditure related to yesterday's elaborate festival programme.
    • More than two-thirds of Jack's mature and sheltered garden will disappear this week when builders move in to erect a wall along Anderson's boundary.
    • If a builder erects a structure containing a latent defect which renders it dangerous to persons or property, he will be liable in tort for injury to persons or damage to property resulting from that dangerous defect.
    • Greenwich Council has given the church permission to erect a new church building and a terrace of six houses.
    • They quickly improved trade and commerce on the islands by building new hospitals and erecting strong fortifications.
    • By the end of his first term, fully five million Americans were working directly for the federal government - cleaning parks, building post offices, erecting libraries and dams.
    • With a membership of 40 the church is prayerfully seeking a pastor and expecting to be able to erect their own church building.
    • Some temples have gone so far as to stick women behind freshly erected opaque walls to separate the sexes.
    • Covered by wild grass, one is not supposed to erect any buildings, plant any trees nor light any fires on this 20-meter wide strip of land.
    • Planning permission was granted in October 1999 for a development of 32 houses with detached garages and included a proposal to erect a retaining wall.
    • The prefabricated building was erected on land beside St Nicholas Primary School on Friday after a delay of two days due to stormy weather.
    • The afternoon would then find her in the practice yards in the drilling lines, or in the fields, erecting new buildings, or at the walls, mending a break or adding to the ever-thicker wood and stone barriers.
    • If you invade someone's village and start trying to erect school buildings, there are bound to be several people living there who are somewhat better qualified for the job.
    • Before a builder can erect a house, there has to be a foundation.
    • While a small number of the men looked after the reindeer, the majority, including Sakariassen, were living in tents and employed in erecting the buildings of Eaton Station.
    • At this point he was beginning to erect the walls and had paused from nailing the frame together.
    • It had failed to prevent the builder of the flats from erecting a substandard structure…
    • In the early Renaissance, the artist provided creative input, but the architect and builder were responsible for erecting a building.
    • Earlier, she made Cheng redecorate his office, erecting a wall to separate his room from that of other aides.
    • Fred Snowden served as business manager of a church when it was erecting a church building.
    • Yet Mr Newbury erects a baffling theory, accusing Chalky of saying that the cement works does no harm.
    • They were not but, your Honour, what was happening was that they were erecting a contractual system and qualifying it.
    • Thus Huxley's attempt to erect a system of contractual rights in place of ‘natural rights’ must collapse.
    • The founders of religions and philosophies erected their ethical system on this basis.
    • They were not asked to erect philosophical systems on the basis of selected premisses, but to consider the kind of truth inherent in all of them.
    • Le Tellier designed many of the reforms later carried out by Louvois; the father played the role of architect and the son of builder in erecting the edifice of French military administration.
    • But in efforts to erect fire walls against same-sex relationships, the Mormon Church is unparalleled.
    • ‘This bill erects new barriers to lawsuits and places new burdens on the plaintiffs,’ Mr. Leahy said.
    • Jesus is not a distant, indifferent ruler who erects barriers between himself and his people, as great kings and emperors have done throughout history.
    • The economics of spam are so favorable to spammers that no matter how high regulation erects the barrier to entering the business it wouldn't be high enough.
    • Blaming them also provides a rationale for renationalizing Argentine firms, erecting barriers to imports and foreign investment, and increasing government spending.
    • When we deny permission by being too assiduous in erecting barriers against irresponsibility, we are also erecting barriers against the exercise of responsibility.
    • The game would then be one simply of anticipating progress, and buying in its path, i.e., erecting barriers to improved land use.
    • The editorial goes on to point out the value of advertising in erecting barriers to potential competition.
    • Many are likely to resist by devaluing their own currencies or erecting new barriers against U.S. goods.
    • It is a rule of faith, setting boundaries without erecting unnecessary barriers.
    • We will have erected barriers to understanding and entrenched a division among people.
    • Some even want us to erect barriers to keep jobs in the United States, even if it means curbing productivity gains.
    • Japan's courts also appear unwilling to erect barriers to coddle the Old Guard.
    • We erect a barrier of fear and desire that may become difficult to break through.
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    (mast/scaffolding) levantar
  • 3

    (tent) armar
    (tent) montar
    (tent) levantar