Traducción de erotic en español:


erótico, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈrɑdɪk/ /ɪˈrɒtɪk/

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    • To pluck food from a nude woman at a party is certainly sensual and quite likely erotic, but sexual?
    • But to see these images as either overtly sexual or even primarily erotic would be a big mistake.
    • Are you ready to take a look at the effects of the sexual revolution on erotic cinema?
    • Art has had little difficulty connecting erotic desire with the yearning for death and annihilation.
    • While the racy title and erotic cover art might suggest a light read, nothing could be further from the truth.
    • Of course we have no way, not yet, of knowing the secrets of her erotic fantasies.
    • When I use him in my belly-dancing act, it works well, as it's an erotic, sensual dance.
    • It is a sensual, erotic experience, the light on the white fabric changing as the day progresses.
    • The piece is undoubtedly erotic, evoking the sexuality of both male and female bodies.
    • She begins by attempting to distinguish between the erotic and the pornographic.
    • The power of many erotic fantasies relies more on concealment than full disclosure.
    • It's not erotic, it's not titillating at all, and it's not particularly voyeuristic.
    • The thing is people who read this stuff probably think it is highly erotic, and they are just so naughty for reading it.
    • Here you will find a room of elegantly erotic mosaics, and sentimentally carnal ceramics.
    • They conceal erotic secrets and erotic treasures for which men have killed and been killed.
    • Most noticeably, a pair of frankly erotic paintings of recumbent female nudes crown the centre of the rooms.
    • Men who fought wars and wrestled with grizzlies also displayed erotic and romantic affection for other men.
    • Not because it's particularly erotic, more out of curiosity: who are these men?
    • Never will I forget the erotic thrill of that non-existent, yet tender exchange of tongues.
    • There are more magazines, more books written about horror than about erotic films.