Translation of erotomania in Spanish:


erotomanía, n.

Pronunciation /əˌrɑdəˈmeɪniə/ /əˌroʊdəˈmeɪniə/ /ɪˌrɒtə(ʊ)ˈmeɪnɪə/

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    erotomanía feminine
    • Changes in sexual behavior, though uncommon, have been seen in patients with epilepsy, including hypersexuality, pansexuality, erotomania, sexual paranoia, exhibitionism, and fetishism.
    • I mean, I don't have to worry about the kinds of tricky situations that erotomania would lead me into, and I don't have to fear the damage that kleptomania or pyromania might cause me to inflict.
    • Thus, it's easier to sort for little things like erotomania, or a pathological inability to communicate.
    • The creation of art could either serve as a ‘cure’ for erotomania or lead to madness or suicide.
    • These herbs may not offer a direct or long lasting solution, but rather they may help in cases of transient "erotomania".