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errand boy

mandadero, n.

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    mandadero masculino
    chico de los mandados masculino
    chico de los recados masculino España
    • Efforts are also made to appoint a common plumber or electrician, someone to iron clothes or even employ an errand boy.
    • After his expulsion, Roger began working as an errand boy for the local sheriff's office but was fired when they found out that he was stealing candy from the office leukemia fund-raising box.
    • The police were informed, and the defendant was arrested, the shop proprietor testified that they had been her slippers, and that the defendant was formerly her errand boy.
    • In the early 1970s, he worked as an errand boy for a garment factory.
    • Harry Pratt left school at 14 to work as an errand boy for the Gazette, and was soon promoted to the role of chief stamp-licker.
    • Last to be reassigned here, so I end up the errand boy.
    • At first, Alic worked as an errand boy, doing Danilo's bidding on a day-by-day basis.
    • It was the Frenchman's way of punishing Robby for treating him like an errand boy.
    • Instead, he worked as an errand boy for a bookbinder called Riebau.
    • Kahn, whose practice continues in business today, started out as an errand boy for the Detroit firm, working his way up to become chief draughtsman, with no formal training whatsoever.
    • The errand boy of a dealer spends his days bouncing between his girlfriend and his paranoid boss.
    • She also pays the bills which the errand boy had been insistently presenting.
    • But Edmund had noticed that she had sent an errand boy to pick up various presents that she had spotted in town.
    • When he graduated high school, he became an errand boy on a soap opera, then a writer.
    • I was made to be an assassin, on my own and doing things my way, not someone's errand boy.
    • Here women took on all the roles from errand boy to tradesman to love-struck lord so naturally and efficiently that it almost surprised me things had not always been run this way!
    • Victor falls hard for the stunning Gracia, a star attraction at the Don's club, and Pascual offers Silvio a job as driver and errand boy for the owner of a strip club.
    • Euclide was a 12-year-old black kid who worked as a hustler, guide and errand boy.
    • Those in service jobs such as clerks, errand boys, messengers and telegraph operators represented another eight percent.