Translation of erratum in Spanish:


errata, n.

Pronunciation /ɛˈrɑdəm/ /ɛˈrɑːtəm/

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nounplural errata

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    errata feminine
    errata fe de erratas
    • Periodicals would use errata sections to correct some of the errors, and letters to the editor could be used to debate a previous article's contentions and possibly set the record straight.
    • In this edition, such mistakes are corrected, and the original errata slips are also published.
    • It must have been extremely frustrating for the authors to have to include an errata slip correcting errors in two of the tables.
    • Letters to the editor are much different than qualifying statements where they stand or issuing an errata,’ he replied. ‘Several of the statements are false.’
    • I will add a clarification to my errata list that Japan's attack on the oil fields was the first foreign attack on the U.S. mainland by a foreign power on the U.S. mainland.
    • Words were scraped away with a penknife or inserted carefully in the lines of text, and then listed in an errata paragraph to attest that the approved document was unaltered.
    • By contrast, my two books have readily-available errata pages.
    • For example I could not find errata for this book anywhere on the site.
    • Thanks for his correspondence and his directing me to the errata for his book.
    • I checked the web site for an errata page for this book but did not find one.
    • The errata of the first edition have been corrected.
    • I did not find any errors in the book, and there were no errata on O'Reilly's web site when I looked.
    • I mentioned on Monday that the online errata page for my last book had been updated and that I would have more details.
    • The publisher did not have an errata sheet when this review was written.
    • Other printing errors can be found in the errata pages from the web page.
    • I will use these responses to track a distribution-specific errata file.