Traducción de erroneous en español:


erróneo, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈroʊniəs/ /ɪˈrəʊnɪəs/ /ɛˈrəʊnɪəs/

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    • Incorrect, difficult or erroneous readings must have been created over time by scribal error.
    • Even if the award was somewhat low it could not in any way be said to be wholly erroneous or wrong in principle, he submits.
    • There is nothing stated which is erroneous or wrong and there is no allegation that there is.
    • Of course it's always easy to look at others critically, make assumptions and proceed to erroneous conclusions.
    • This policy is but one of the Liberal reforms based on erroneous assumptions about poverty.
    • Second, she makes the erroneous assumption that filesharing is similar to home taping.
    • Acting under this erroneous assumption, he passed on this alleged order to his company.
    • In addition, the chosen information was often misleading or erroneous.
    • At best it is naive, but at worst it is misleading and at times erroneous.
    • We say that that contention is in fact erroneous because it asks the wrong question.
    • The test remains rooted in an erroneous approach which starts from the wrong standpoint.
    • There is an erroneous perception that high-profile players make good managers.
    • I read line after line of erroneous reporting, with the sole intention of discrediting a political candidate.
    • But it would be erroneous not to concede that the grouping has lost much of its zest over the past decade or so.
    • Our standards of accuracy are so low that often erroneous forecasts are applauded as if they were precise.
    • As a matter of fact, yesterday there was an erroneous report that he had been arrested.
    • I may have created the erroneous impression that I have done nothing but shop since being here.
    • I hope that Mark's play is helping to change this erroneous perception.
    • It is risky and erroneous to assume that terrorists will be deterred by criminal prosecution alone.
    • To interpret such sayings without understanding the Arabic and its eloquence and its context is an erroneous path.