Translation of error in Spanish:


error, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrər/ /ˈɛrə/

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  • 1

    error masculine
    a clerical/printing/spelling error un error administrativo/de imprenta/ortográfico
    • to make an error cometer un error
    • a tactical error un error táctico
    • A minute mistake, an error of judgement, is all that it takes for a ghastly mishap to occur, resulting in death or worse, a life-long disability.
    • In a way, Nolan makes a similar error of judgement, mistaking atmospheric darkness for thematic darkness.
    • That happens a lot on the web, and sometimes it can be used to cover awful mistakes or errors of judgment.
    • He's tallying up all the dreadful mistakes and errors of judgement that got us to this place.
    • Just because he made a mistake, an error of judgement made by a bad husband, it doesn't make him a bad politician.
    • Now, maybe you want to put it down as a mistake or an error or an oversight.
    • The message is ready and short, but there are some spelling errors so remember to correct them.
    • When someone makes a mistake, whether it is a spelling error or an unnecessarily long answer, be kind about it.
    • Any fool can be pedantic and snipe at what they think are minor errors in grammar.
    • This is simultaneously a spelling error and a malapropism.
    • Yes, of course there's a spelling error in the title!
    • Was this a house speciality or a spelling error?
    • I'd have found that funnier if it hadn't been about a spelling error.
    • The workman made a spelling error engraving the box and it was never sent.
    • There were errors of judgment, but the more we are made to pay for them, the less likely they are to happen again.
    • Have you ever worried that people are grousing about the egregious errors of your judgment?
    • Judgement errors are bound to exist and bombs falling off target from the air is nothing new.
    • The report called the error a " serious mistake " and also revealed that the intern was sick himself when he was taking care of the patient.
    • Thankfully, only one of these five made the common error of mistaking morbidity for profundity.
    • This is not a mistake but an error of historic proportions.
  • 2

    (being wrong)
    error masculine
    in error por equivocación
    • to be in error estar en un error
    • no allowance was made for statistical error no se tuvo en cuenta el margen de error
    • owing to human error debido a un error humano
    • Now, as a consequent of inadvertent human error, conditions are contrary to preferred expectations.
    • The common threads running through most nuclear accidents are unexpected technical conditions and human error.
    • Lastly, don't discount the possibility of human error when conducting the audit.
    • However, something, whether by human error or mechanical fault, went awfully wrong as we saw him plummet to his death from the arena roof.
    • You've got human error, possibilities for mischief.
    • We know about human error, mechanical failure and accidents.
    • A female colleague of mine told me that she called to speak to a friend recently and in error dialled the wrong telephone number.
    • If the button is clearly labeled, but the employee still pushes the wrong button, that is human error.
    • But I hope that they pause and at least consider that they might be in error, on the wrong side of history.
    • It was human error - the command to turn the instrument on was forgotten.
    • But these systems cannot cope with human error.
    • However, a major source of error is determination of concentration.
    • The third major category of error consists of specimen defects.
    • At some point, increasing error causes major information loss because many conformations populate the average noise sphere.
    • If bias remains a major source of error over time, then the forecasting system is not improving.
    • So far as the applicants are concerned, the presiding judge committed jurisdictional error.
    • Ideally, research on this question should be conducted prospectively to reduce measurement error in reporting of such meaningful experiences.
    • Estimation error is likely to make branch lengths appear even less clocklike than they actually are.
    • An investigation into the crash showed that the accident was caused by pilot error.
    • Since the birefringence of the projection lens is well controlled, there is little wavefront error due to polarization.