Traducción de erudite en español:


erudito, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɛr(j)əˌdaɪt/ /ˈɛrʊdʌɪt/

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    • At the other pole are specialist intellectuals who are involved in erudite discussions with other intellectuals.
    • He is one of the most erudite scholars of Islam in modern times.
    • But he is also very erudite, scholarly, and has lots of fresh ideas.
    • But it was gripping and clever and fantastically erudite, and people became a little obsessed.
    • The support and services of erudite scholars must be mobilised so that the manuscripts could be brought out in the form of books.
    • The speakers in translation are erudite, witty, informed, expert.
    • The era of the erudite, intelligent thriller, it would seem, is upon us.
    • But, such debates could attract only limited number of people and erudite scholars.
    • We are a highly sophisticated and erudite population and we just seem to take everything on the chin.
    • If my memory fails me, no doubt one of your erudite readers will enlighten me.
    • It is very nice to be in the company of intelligent, reasoned and erudite people in these threads.
    • He is an educated, erudite man who came home and never let the country get to him.
    • In this case there have been endless erudite discussions about the advantages or otherwise of the long flowing trace for plaice fishing.
    • The Clinton debate was, it turned out, an unusually erudite discussion.
    • These knowledge filled stories are written and directed by erudite geniuses.
    • Third, they can be very dynamic and persuasive, even erudite and intellectual.
    • He is erudite, he is intelligent, and he is totally wrong when he comes to interpreting this legislation.
    • This was not the only reason the erudite scholar refused to engage in a debate with Norris.
    • The matter of UK versus US English continues to provoke erudite and informed opinion.
    • The money that comes from media exposure can blind even the most erudite scholars.