Translation of escape hatch in Spanish:

escape hatch

escotilla de salvamento, n.


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    escotilla de salvamento feminine
    • Rescue divers approach the distressed submarine and use the submarine's escape hatch to transfer emergency life support stores.
    • But all hope was lost on the ninth day when divers released the outer aft escape hatch of the submarine and found that it was completely flooded.
    • That's when someone opened the escape hatch on top of the aircraft in the cockpit, Wilson said.
    • They had to clear debris from the engine room escape hatch.
    • I also noted an ejection button, so that the turret could completely detach, and an emergency escape hatch, so that I could make it out safely in case of an emergency.
    • After Shepard's flight, astronauts urged NASA to put a small explosive charge on the escape hatch to make it easier to exit the capsule.
    • The plane rolled to the left and I fell through the pilot's escape hatch and was free of the aircraft.
    • He wrote that at least two or three crew members would try to escape the craft through an emergency escape hatch.
    • While others escaped through the aft escape hatch, no one survived from the forward part of the wreck, so this hatch was most likely opened during subsequent salvage.
    • I opened the escape hatch, adjusted his chute for him and placed the ripcord ring firmly in his right hand.
    • Jennings and another worker scrambled out of an escape hatch near the engine room.
    • A bloodied Harrison clawed his way out of his overhead escape hatch and staggered from the plane.
    • This involves the sailors forcing themselves, four at a time, into a cramped escape hatch that soon fills about neck-high with water.
    • He fell to his death when the forward escape hatch was ripped out.
    • Additionally an escape hatch was fitted in the forward and after compartments of the pressure hull, an innovation which saved many lives during the war.
    • The first corpse of a sailor was found close to an escape hatch in the vessel and was being brought to the surface by Norwegian divers, navy officials said.
    • A team of international divers is struggling to open an escape hatch on the back of the submarine.
    • Recalling the 2002 expedition, Gurney said in spite of digging many holes and trenches, only the plane's escape hatch, four engines and the nose-wheel assembly were found.
    • A few minutes later Sarah opened her escape hatch, tossed out her life raft, and made her way over to his boat.
    • The steps leading up to the deck area were smashed, leaving the small escape hatch forward as the only alternative.