Traducción de eschew en español:


evitar, v.

Pronunciación /əsˈtʃu/ /ɪˈʃu/ /ɪsˈtʃuː/ /ɛsˈtʃuː/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    abstenerse de formal
    • This country has avoided faith-based violence by eschewing theocratic government.
    • On the plus side, unlike Julian and Sean Lennon, she has been smart enough to avoid direct comparisons by eschewing a musical career.
    • Coleman deliberately eschews the emotional seduction natural to the film medium.
    • At this level, the book is remarkably sober, eschewing the melodramatic and avoiding definitive conclusions.
    • Davies avoids the trap by eschewing the conventions of drama altogether.
    • The best tribute to the Mahatma would be to eschew hatred and violence and to preach and practise brotherhood.
    • His call to reason and civil society and to eschewing irrationalities and violence is admirable.
    • He eschewed violence and advocated alliance with the middle classes.
    • He had been a member of the US-backed town council and had eschewed incitements of violence.
    • Asking that of her is far more intrusive than asking a person simply to eschew violence.
    • By choosing to anchor her fiction within the realms in which most crime occurs, Mina eschews the glamorous settings of other, less realistic novels of the genre.
    • He speaks perfect English, eschews pomp and formality and uses the Autocue to deliver his speech with a professionalism that should make other politicians envious.
    • Fischer eschews the term gambling, preferring to call it ‘gaming’.
    • Avoiding the temptation to simply coast on her powerful voice, Case eschews the obvious and instead imbues her music with subtlety and atmosphere.
    • He eschews the uniform of the boardroom boss, preferring sports jackets and casual boots to the traditional Savile Row suit and handmade brogues.
    • She eschews the politics of personality, protecting her privacy, tending to shy away from the media and preferring to play her role dead straight.
    • Writing that eschews cliché can be refined for eternity.
    • This is a group that eschews convention and pushes the boundaries just about as far out as they can, with mostly fascinating results.
    • Despite such an awe-inspiring client list, Mankowitz eschews the notion of photographer-as-celebrity.
    • This is not a pacifist vision that eschews all uses of military force.