Translation of esoteric in Spanish:


esotérico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɛsəˈtɛrɪk/ /ˌiːsəˈtɛrɪk/


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    • The poems show his erudition to be wide, his historical knowledge sometimes esoteric.
    • Every illicit drug now has its own subculture, with its own esoteric knowledge, its own rituals and its own argot.
    • Well in fact that esoteric knowledge is quite an important theme in conspiracy theories.
    • Now all such esoteric knowledge is regarded as suspect, as somehow unjust.
    • His adored father was a more or less failed Swiss pastor, a melancholic man of esoteric interests.
    • This has led him to an interest in the esoteric world of art restoration.
    • When so few people have been encouraged to learn trades, the special skills involved in them become esoteric.
    • He is fond of pointing out how esoteric this debate is to the wider public.
    • Deep, hidden or esoteric meanings of the text are rejected in favour of its plain meaning.
    • Although the text is more accessible, it also loses its mysterious and esoteric qualities.
    • He taught mathematics not as some esoteric mystery, but as practical common sense.
    • Smell, our seemingly most primitive sense, is often linked to spiritual or esoteric ideas.
    • The trivia enthusiast in me thrilled to discover oodles of esoteric tidbits on every page - and not just about salt.
    • Butler's report will be full of esoteric recommendations about working practices inside government.
    • Gibson's comments on the use of non-standard or esoteric English are particularly wise.
    • It means that you live in one place, but exist in another esoteric, imaginary plane, unshackled by fact or memory.
    • Why did what was formerly seen as an esoteric cultural theory go from the margins of academia to the mainstream of public debate?
    • While much of the text would be too esoteric for all but the art-history scholar, it does raise broader questions.
    • The Left makes incredibly esoteric distinctions based on the motives of the social planners doing the killing.
    • According to the esoteric tradition humanity is not the pinnacle of evolution on this planet.