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especialmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ɪˈspɛʃəli/ /ɪˈspɛʃ(ə)li/ /ɛˈspɛʃ(ə)li/

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  • 1

    (difficult/satisfying) especialmente
    (difficult/satisfying) particularmente
    I didn't especially like the book el libro no me pareció nada especial
    • why did you choose that one especially? ¿por qué escogió ese precisamente / en particular?
    • As a woman it's especially important to be open and say what you think about it.
    • It is especially important that babies and small children do not become dehydrated.
    • That real and deep sense of solidarity was especially important to us as Muslims.
    • This is especially important if it is going to be daytime when you arrive at your destination.
    • Handling data will be especially important as teams prepare for the race at Phoenix.
    • Fine tuning the car is especially important here, because of the nature of the track.
    • The second act is especially gripping as the virtual world grows and becomes even more real.
    • They said life there was boring and disorienting but not especially harsh.
    • It is especially useful for the information it gives on Strauss as a family man.
    • Rock is enjoying one of its biggest years ever, with the metal end faring especially well.
    • Residents there may like to know that this part of South Wales is especially beautiful.
    • This area is however especially prone to changes in the overall political climate.
    • Mention any features of which you are especially proud and which you would like the judges to see.
    • They have now handed out a phone number for residents to report especially loud aircraft.
    • It's a lonely life, especially for a woman on her own surrounded by male musicians.
    • The photo was taken especially for the blog by our latest work experience recruit last week!
    • It will make such a difference, especially for elderly people living on the estate.
    • We wish to celebrate a person who can be seen as a role model especially for younger business people.
    • Her dress, made especially for the ball, caught at her legs as she ran, slowing her down.
    • When we walked into the room, he announced that he was going to sing a song especially for Micky and me.
    • Knowing when to attack is much more difficult, especially for players at club level.
    • However it can also be a serious illness, especially for people who are frail or already ill.
    • The issues are less easy today than they once were, especially during the Cold War.
    • She refuses to let the issue lie, especially as she feels the snub has racist overtones.
    • On the other hand they can look most attractive, especially when planted up with herbs.
    • Also you may be better off getting a yearly cover - especially if you do travel quite a lot.
    • In its short history America has a lot to be proud of, especially in the field of human endeavour.
    • Yet especially over the past few decades, the strength of this commitment has waned.
    • He at once became a valued member, a very talented actor, especially in comedy roles.
    • Something must be done urgently especially as Bonfire Night is almost upon us again.
    • Some of the old style traffic wardens were ruthless, especially some of the women.
    • Make sure that the coach company knows this, especially if you have to arrive at a certain time.
    • This must be dealt with as soon as possible, especially if the tree is in a dangerous condition.
    • So a big thank you to Bradford and its people and especially to Gareth, who was the cause for us going there.
  • 2

    (above all, in particular)
    everyone was bored, especially me estaba todo el mundo aburrido, sobre todo / especialmente / en especial yo
    • I bought it especially for him lo compré expresamente / especialmente para él