Translation of essential in Spanish:


esencial, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈsɛn(t)ʃəl/ /ɪˈsɛnʃ(ə)l/

Definition of esencial in Spanish


  • 1

    to be essential to sth/sb ser esencial / imprescindible para algo/algn
    the essential thing lo esencial
    • It is absolutely essential that the surfaces to be coated are extremely clean since the slightest contamination can ruin the end result.
    • And I think a name change is absolutely essential.
    • ‘It is absolutely essential to give all Canadians the chance to make the most of their abilities,’ she said.
    • In this fast-changing technological world, knowledge of computer operations has become absolutely essential.
    • Such is the level of suspicion and mistrust in politics nowadays that a rigorous audit is absolutely essential if public confidence is to be maintained in the political process.
    • Prime farm land must be conserved for agriculture and should not be allowed to be diverted to non-farm uses, unless absolutely essential.
    • Voicing your concerns is absolutely essential.
    • It's absolutely essential that eight weeks from today, on November 2nd, we make the right choice.
    • This will be absolutely essential if we want to avoid putting millions of additional hectares of land under the plough to feed a growing population.
    • It is absolutely essential that the scheme is maintained.
    • And that is precisely what makes this book absolutely essential reading.
    • The free market is absolutely essential to a healthy stable society.
    • It is absolutely essential for us to recognize the importance of continuing to invest in public higher education.
    • Yes, I think that it's absolutely essential that we do something like that.
    • As tickets are limited early booking is essential to avoid disappointment.
    • But they lack one essential ingredient for success - money.
    • A free press is one of the most essential components of a democratic society.
    • They understood that cooperation was essential to survival.
    • Computer skills are essential for success in today's business environment.
    • Iron is an essential nutrient for the survival and growth of virtually all bacteria.
    • The independence of the judiciary is essential to the proper functioning of our society.
    • But campaigners say the practice has added to the pressure on corner shops who rely on customers buying their essentials.
  • 2

    (quality/difference) esencial
    (quality/difference) fundamental
    • No matter how far they run, the characters can never escape their essential natures.
    • But its essential nature remained unchanged: it was dumb hardware.
    • But, that is the essential nature of the intelligence business.
    • The compensation claims have prompted a curious debate about what, exactly, is the essential nature of the punishment involved in imprisonment.
    • This would seem to be a clever way of catching wrong-doers, exploiting the criminal class's essential dishonesty and grasping nature.
    • The love of beauty is an essential part of human nature.
    • We want to preserve the essential nature of the town by promoting and supporting traders in meeting changing economic conditions.
    • He focused on the family today and the need to promote its essential nature.
    • The film is about a good guy going bad and depicts the essential duality of human nature that oscillates between good and evil.
    • We are material beings and our sexuality is an essential part of our nature.
    • There is nothing in the essential nature of the priesthood which says that priests must live the lifestyle which is imposed on them.
    • Such arguments blur, at the very least, the essential nature of democratic societies.
    • I don't expect cats to be free of the wild instinct that's an essential part of their nature.
    • There is no shortage of ideas about the essential nature of the human species and the basic adaptations of our kind.
    • He has captured Macbeth's essential weakness of character in his slow descent into paranoia and depression.
    • People talk about male and female, but what is the essential difference between the two?
    • The proposed church is compatible with the essential character of the surrounding area.
    • The book has at least one essential flaw.


  • 1

    (sth indispensable)
    imperativo masculine
    elemento esencial masculine
    she brought only the bare essentials trajo solo lo imprescindible
    • one of the essentials in this job is patience la paciencia es uno de los requisitos imprescindibles para este trabajo
    • A car is an essential if you want to do Sicily properly, but it is impossible to see the whole island in a week unless you are on a touring holiday, since tortuous mountain roads make for slow driving.
    • A mundane but increasingly important detail to note is that this home comes with a large private parking area to the rear - almost an essential in big-city living.
    • The logic is that if an area is improved as a fishing resource there will also be benefits for the fish as a healthy aquatic environment is an essential for a healthy fish population.
    • We specialise in supplying all the holiday essentials you need for your holiday, trips and travel.
    • Cleanliness, punctuality, order and method are essentials in the character of a good housekeeper.
    • Drinking plenty of water is one of the most overlooked essentials of a bodybuilding diet.
    • Fuel, in the form of food, is one of the three essentials that your body needs to stay alive.
    • And, after all, you may only be able to make that one trip of a lifetime so don't cut corners by trying to save on the essentials.
    • Mandy organised her handbag with the essentials such as her phone and purse and, with one last look in the mirror for Kathy, left the room.
    • Lack of access to these essentials is generally referred to as living in extreme or abject poverty.
    • And I drink lots of water and milk, so it's not like I'm lacking vitamins and essentials.
    • Reports that well-planned vegetarian diets are deficient in essentials are false.
    • Hidden under the wrap is a free hanging zippered pocket to carry life's essentials.
    • Fears of another tsunami have since subsided and survivors focused on finding life's essentials.
    • In about two weeks, we packed just the bare essentials and left our home forever.
    • People have been buying essentials in anticipation of imminent cuts in electricity and water supplies.
    • She bought a few essentials and some sweets for the children.
  • 2essentials plural

    (fundamental features)
    puntos esenciales masculine
    puntos fundamentales masculine
    • Stripped down to essentials, the elements of this style are extremely simple.
    • They strip down the situation to its fundamental essentials and bring both party's concerns forward.
    • He was able to expose with great clarity and great economy the essentials of a piece of mathematics, be it elementary or advanced.
    • There's a story that illustrates the importance of recognizing those essentials.
    • The story is told by Michelangelo's pupil and biographer Condivi and is therefore presumably true in essentials.
    • Interest in whether the essentials of being human are given to us by nature or by nurture has a long pedigree.
    • Communal forces thrive on the crass ignorance of the masses concerning the essentials of their faith.
    • They saw it as an abandonment of the essentials of the faith.
    • He himself had grasped the essentials of Jewish teaching.