Translation of established in Spanish:


de reconocido prestigio, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈstæblɪʃt/ /ɪˈstablɪʃt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (expert/company) de reconocido prestigio
      (star) de renombre
      (reputation) sólido
      inflation is now established as a permanent feature of the economy la inflación se ha convertido en un factor permanentemente presente en la economía
      • As a firmly established principle of Community law it may be used to challenge Community action and also State action.
      • It includes work from emerging and more established artists from across Europe.
      • Other, more established artists who get marginalized at larger conventions got the star attention they deserve.
      • Why this was not an already established practice is a mystery to critics.
      • Great store was placed on the retention of previously established practices and it was deliberate policy to foster traditional loyalties.
      • They offer more hardware and warranty per dollar than do the more established brands.
      • Free trade, like free love, poses a threat to the established order.

    • 1.2(customary, accepted)

      (practice) establecido
      a long-established tradition una tradición de mucho arraigo

    • 1.3(proven)

      (fact) comprobado
      it is now established beyond all doubt that … está comprobado / se ha establecido fuera de toda duda que …

  • 2

    (church/religion) oficial
    • The disestablishment of the Church is not a radical proposal; an established Church is an anachronism.
    • So even setting aside the religious or constitutional objections to an established church and a national religion of any kind, the case for disestablishment on this premise alone is as valid as it was a century ago.
    • He believed in religious toleration but supported an established church, the Anglican Communion.