Translation of estimable in Spanish:


estimable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛstəməbəl/ /ˈɛstɪməb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (worthy of regard)
    estimable formal
    digno de estima
    • Our estimable reader Stanley Black sent me these comments and asked for my response.
    • I think the estimable Dr. Payne goes too far.
    • Today the Washington Post ran a page 1 story by the estimable Thomas Ricks concerning a briefing given to a Pentagon advisory committee last month.
    • Maureen was a very estimable lady whose outgoing, sincere nature and great depth of human kindness marked her out as an excellent, thoughtful neighbour.
    • There are, in fact, too many estimable restaurants in Moscow & St. Petersburg for me to say that I've eaten at them all and produced the definitive listing.
    • Why are a few particularly estimable, highly intelligent women and men in very prominent positions, blind in one eye when it comes to the protection of minorities?
    • But the thought recurs that his brother, Martin, attained an estimable eighth place in the men's downhill at the same venue in 1988.
    • Scottish Television's flagship news programme, the estimable Scotland Today, has a website which sadly strips all the glamour away from television news.
    • The estimable Steve Bainbridge disagrees about the merits of the outlined amnesty proposal.
    • The estimable Peter Baines, M.D. is the proprietor of the company.
    • The estimable John O'Sullivan thinks he'll survive, if barely.
    • There was also a certain amount of reading, but less than anticipated, as Michael Bywater's estimable little tome ‘Lost Worlds’ served to keep me company all week.
    • The estimable Frank Field, given the task of reforming welfare by the prime minister, argued strongly against any extension of means-testing.
    • If not you, then your estimable apprentice can do the research.
    • His recommendations are estimable, but are by no means new.
    • Now, estimable and engaging though he is, Tony Jones is 64 years old and does not represent the future of the party.
    • That it has been achieved so smoothly says much about the consummate skill of Sarah Munro, the gallery's estimable and committed director.
    • It's accompanied by a related piece from the estimable Robert Stevens, here.
    • They set out an estimable tuna salad perked up with toasted pine nuts.
    • Many estimable individuals have lined up behind the notion that we live in a post-copyright age.