Traducción de estrangement en español:


alejamiento, n.

Pronunciación /ɛsˈtreɪn(d)ʒmənt/ /ɪˈstreɪn(d)ʒm(ə)nt/ /ɛˈstreɪn(d)ʒm(ə)nt/

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    alejamiento masculino
    distanciamiento masculino
    • Most of his clients are people distraught at the estrangement of a family member.
    • The gain of a moral commonality was in most cases at the cost of an estrangement from the academic environment.
    • Jen's account shows how deeply-felt were her experiences of estrangement from well meaning, middle-class women.
    • Such philosophers, who teach estrangement in every sense, are still strangers to one another.
    • Society's estrangement from the future undermines the capacity to generate ideas about what needs to be done.
    • I was aware that there had been some estrangement between the two.
    • Five years later, a life-altering crisis makes Tessa passionately determined to end this estrangement.
    • The point of departure in this work is the religious individual's sense of estrangement from Western culture.
    • No man is capable of rectifying this state of estrangement from God.
    • There is no record of estrangement or any lack of devotion towards those he had left behind.
    • It also visualizes her estrangement from her companions at an all-women's college at Oxford.
    • The mutual estrangement has obscured in many respects the view of the living unique character of the other.
    • This estrangement from her father was the hardest thing to bear.
    • Her novel is not about suicide but about friendship, loyalty, family tie and estrangement in global communities.
    • The choice, however, between relationship and estrangement is entirely ours.
    • Certain social factors, such as disparities in socioeconomic status, can lead to estrangement and alienation between individuals.
    • Even its somber rhythms, tinged with a cold electronic feeling, speak of disillusionment and estrangement.
    • The girls confront each other about their dead mom and their growing estrangement.
    • She will sense herself diminished and her estrangement will begin.
    • Mr. Quinn's personal life contributed to his estrangement from the church.