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grabar, v.

Pronunciación /ɛtʃ/

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    (copper/glass) grabar
    (design/outline) grabar
    • Its surface was etched with carvings and hieroglyphics, dating back to the dawn of the world itself.
    • The great claymore shone in all its glory, its black and gold hilt, intricately etched with the markings of the society.
    • Standing at the centre of the memorial are six large basalt obelisks etched with the names of all the countries where Australians have been held prisoner of war.
    • Where needed, precast concrete panel walls are erected, etched with images of local wildlife.
    • They also vandalized three fast-food restaurants by etching the glass.
    • The masking layer is patterned so as to form a desired arrangement of metal lines by etching the underlying metal layer.
    • The front layer of glass is etched with a grid pattern on the inside surface to form a template for the liquid crystals.
    • Most manufacturers offer choices of beveled, etched, and stained glass.
    • Light can focus atoms into simple patterns for etching carbon-coated gold layers.
    • A beginner can produce etched glassware and small flat pieces of glass and mirror with no experience.
    • I experimented with etching copper plates with three different etchants.
    • The early process involved etching a design replicated from a travel book onto a copper plate.
    • Much controversy still remains regarding the techniques used, but all processes began with etching and/or engraving the desired design on a copperplate.
    • One submission called for photographs of victims to be etched into glass plates.
    • Their names had been etched into the glass but the pane was shattered by hooligans who climbed onto scaffolding and kicked in the windows.
    • My fingers lingered on the smooth leaves etched into the metal as I turned to Adam with a questioning look in my eyes.
    • I spot the bar's logo, etched onto the plate glass windows.
    • Printing that picks up ink from lines cut or etched in a metal plate is called intaglio printing.
    • She uses acid to etch designs into the surface of metal plates, echoing the way that wind and water wear away at stone over time.
    • The poem will be etched in the memorial stone - a tangible acknowledgement of the loss of life and accompanying grief, says Appleton.
    • So if you want to remember a date that will be etched in history, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast area August 29th.
    • The final will be a huge undertaking for a team which could be etched in the annals of history.
    • Islamic words and passages from the Koran (the sacred text of Islam) are often etched in elaborate calligraphy.
    • Wednesday 30th September 1984 was such a life-changing day for me that the date has been etched on my memory ever since.
    • And it's like other dates that you know are going to be etched in our memory forever.
    • The date it all started is indelibly etched on the former police officer's memory.
    • On either side of him were tall columns of black stone upon which were etched stories of evil gods and battles from long ago.
    • The major turned the buckle in his fingers and frowned at the jagged characters etched into the metal.
    • It was an impressive place, to be sure; the ceiling was high above the floor and intricate designs were etched into the stone and wood.
    • The design is etched into the gold leaf with a sharp needle-like instrument.
    • I could take a screwdriver and etch some very interesting designs on your car, but I doubt you would call me an artist.
    • Public education is a responsibility that is etched into the constitutions or statutes of the states.
    • The Torah was etched into stone and brought down a mountain.
    • ‘Her nickname was Malva, and that is what is etched onto the glass,’ said Arnot.
    • Etched inside the shank and barely visible is the jeweller's mark, a delicate snowflake.
    • The year 1963 is etched in the hearts and minds of many people as the year in which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.
    • Guernica is etched in my consciousness as the image of defencelessness, trampled innocence, Franco's savagery.
    • Miller was the first photojournalist to witness these scenes, and the images she captured are indelibly etched on the public consciousness.
    • While some actors would resent never being able to shake off their past, John says he is proud to have been responsible for a character who is indelibly etched on the nation's psyche.
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