Translation of eternal in Spanish:


eterno, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈtərn(ə)l/ /ɪˈtəːn(ə)l/ /iːˈtəːn(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (lasting forever)
    (life/salvation/damnation) eterno
    a prayer for her eternal rest una oración por su eterno descanso
    • Then the soul is sent either to heaven to enjoy the fruits of a decent life or condemned to eternal hell and damnation forever.
    • And what are the words to this spell that confers eternal youth and an infinite capacity for self-renewal?
    • The idea of an omniscient, eternal, and infinite being, for example, could not be like anything the senses encountered.
    • In that world there is neither motion nor passion nor diversity, but an eternal immutable calm.
    • All substances occur in atomic form, each atom being eternal and indestructible.
    • She adopts the Catholic Church's philosophy of eternal damnation.
    • To put it in terms of Hegel's own image: to understand God's eternal essence before the creation of the world is to understand the basis on which the world was created.
    • Thus, she wanted these moments to last forever in the way most people desire eternal youth.
    • The idea seems to be that while I have free will, I will nevertheless be punished with eternal and unspeakable suffering if I turn away from God.
    • At this time, believers and unbelievers would be judged and assigned to either eternal bliss or eternal damnation.
    • So if you thought of punching your little brother or owning all of the ice cream in the world, you were surely destined for an after life of eternal damnation.
    • It was sin, punishable by eternal damnation to hell.
    • Before he can finish his mission, he's caught by an archdeacon and told that the only way he can avoid eternal damnation is by raising the child as his own.
    • People are always searching for the secret to eternal youth.
    • Deeply saddened that neither way would save them from the approaching eternal damnation, she started to fix her things and go home.
    • Refusing to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and refusing the destiny he has for you, is accepting eternal damnation.
    • From inside, we could hear the screams of a thousand people that were being tortured, souls trapped in eternal damnation.
    • They claimed to have found the answer to eternal youth.
    • The texts are bound together with some hymns and the story of an errant monk whom the Virgin Mary saved from eternal damnation.
  • 2

    (problem/question) eterno
    (problem/question) sempiterno
    • The loss of objectivity leads us to question the existence of eternal or perennial truths.
    • We can sometimes forget in the modern era that some eternal truths remain unchanged; rugby is a game for hard men and hard-nosed men.
    • History was endlessly revised to make the present look like a confirmation of eternal, unchanging truths.
    • And with the process comes the question: is all this relentless modernisation really appropriate to eternal truth?
    • I guess it's the eternal question if you're doing your own site or weblog, though - and I've seen enough discussion of it on other people's sites.
    • The eternal question is how I'm supposed to spend it.
    • Here, then, is the definitive answer to the eternal question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
    • Some things have eternal value, and compassion is one of them.
    • I, like many people, feel a need for the comfort of certainty and eternal truths, but that isn't what he and his ilk deliver.
    • These are the eternal questions and ones that astronomers continue to ask.
    • It isn't a holiday when you're faced every day with the eternal question of ‘where shall we live?’
    • And does it make sense to renounce the world in search of eternal truth?
    • But on the other hand, the eternal question is: can we blame these people for not bothering?
    • After 25 years of deep thought, Roger believes he has answered the eternal question as to why we are here.
    • It's the eternal question - what would you do if money was no object?
    • Agreed, the perception of truth may vary from person to person, but there is always one eternal truth.
    • He linked these themes to the eternal questions of what is love, what is the good life, and what death is.
    • He invested his time to serve God's purpose and pursue things with eternal value.
    • In this interview he talks about eternal values, old men and young women, and death.
    • Because as a human being you don't know the answers to the eternal questions.
  • 3 informal

    (noise/complaints) constante
    • Or are Americans simply this world's eternal optimists?
    • I'm an eternal cautious optimist though, and I can't be what I'm not.
    • This is something you see very rarely in football and you would have to be the most eternal optimist to think 3-0 down was a platform for victory.
    • I am an eternal optimist, so I am going to hope that it gets better.
    • They never became disenchanted; they were the eternal optimists.
    • Perhaps I'm an eternal optimist, but I think these films have great impact.
    • The 61-year-old, still an eternal optimist, believes he can turn adversity to his advantage.
    • An eternal optimist, proprietor Robert Finch has an amazing story to tell of the vicissitudes of farming emus.
    • He readily admits mistakes were made before he joined but, like an eternal optimist, is eager today to find a silver lining in every cloud.
    • So, for all of my introspection and depression, I suppose the eternal optimist inside me is not far from the surface.
    • You would have had to have been one of life's eternal optimists to have entertained thoughts like those.
    • The error that could trip the party up here is the eternal misconception that students demand trendiness.
    • I barely even notice the day going by… it's the night that's the eternal wait.
    • He waited eternal seconds as Jordan stared down at him.
    • I'll hand it to 'em, they're nothing if not the eternal optimists.
    • Only an eternal optimist could expect success in the second half.
    • I hate to be the eternal optimist, but it's hard for me to look at it any other way.
    • After an eternal wait at the Chambers Street stop, we got onto a Brooklyn-bound train and collapsed in our seats.
    • After an eternal wait, my name was finally called to go in and have the procedure.
    • But there is still that eternal nagging voice in the back of your head saying, ‘If I throw stuff out now, I know that someday I’ll need it.’