Translation of ethanol in Spanish:


etanol, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛθənoʊl/ /ˈɛθəˌnɔl/ /ˈɛθənɒl/

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    etanol masculine
    • It is an additive used to make the ethanol produced undrinkable by people.
    • One possible explanation for these exceptional findings might be contamination of the ethanol with a mutagen.
    • The ethanol used, contained butylated hydroxytoluene as an antioxidant.
    • Is ethanol in fuel really so good for the environment and are the claims that it damages your car just spin?
    • The ethanol is oxidized first into an aldehyde and then to acetic acid by the oxygen in the atmosphere.
    • The residual ethanol was evaporated by spreading out the solid on a sheet of filter paper.
    • Alcohol, or ethanol, to give it its chemical name, creates a poisonous substance called acetaldehyde.
    • I recently discovered that I have an allergy to alcohols, including ethanol.
    • In vinegar this is acetic acid, i.e. the acid derived from the alcohol, ethanol.
    • The world's other major biofuel is ethanol, a form of alcohol already widely used as a fuel additive.
    • One proposed explanation is that animal alcoholics are after the high calorie nourishment of ethanol.
    • The regime put in place has benefited and will continue to benefit a company that produces ethanol from grain.
    • He was found to have a concentration of 216 mg of ethanol in his blood.
    • Production of ethanol is also expected to reduce the environmental impact of relying on fossil fuel.
    • The company will also release four vehicles that can run on fuel-efficient ethanol next year.
    • Having another drink, the theory goes, makes the liver switch back to dealing with ethanol, easing the pain.
    • So, motorists hoping that the use of ethanol in petrol will cut their fuel bills are set to be disappointed.
    • Mr Beattie says the partnership will hopefully encourage fuel users to convert to ethanol.
    • The market for brandy and other products is already saturated so the wine will be turned into ethanol and other chemicals.
    • Now a mixture of five percent ethanol is permitted and the proportion is likely to double in coming years.