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éter, n.

Pronunciación /ˈiθər/ /ˈiːθə/

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    éter masculino
    • In the recent past dentists were instrumental in the introduction of diethyl ether and nitrous oxide.
    • The lipid was redissolved in diethyl ether that was then re-evaporated under nitrogen to complete dryness.
    • The animals were anesthetized with diethyl ether, and their abdomens were opened by a midline incision.
    • Although ether was once a popular anesthesia agent, its use is now strongly discouraged.
    • To knock someone out, ether would have to be applied in a highly concentrated form (such as an ether-soaked rag).
    • Included among these compounds are some of the best known of all chemical families, including the hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes and ketones, and organic acids.
    • The chemicals included aliphatic hydrocarbons, glycol ethers, isopropanol, limonene, naphtha, oils, and varnishes.
    • The emissions from surface-treated wood-based materials mainly originated from the oils and lacquers, and were mainly alcohols, unsaturated aldehydes, esters, glycol ethers, and glycol esters.
    • In the most recent case with farmed salmon, the culprit chemical compound is polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs, used widely as flame retardants in furniture and electronic goods.
    • Vinyl ethers are made by addition of alcohols to acetylene.
    • Cosmetics tested were found to contain a variety of industrial chemicals, including phthalates (reproductive toxins) and glycol ethers (neurotoxins).
  • 2 literario

    (upper air)
    the ether el éter literario
    • The album leads the listener through a sonic tour of the ether on a radio ship picking up the most interesting sound tidbits floating about, bouncing around and intermingling with each other.
    • When you work in television and radio what you do disappears into the ether, so it is very rewarding to do something with a longer shelf life.
    • I don't know if any Americans are listening right now but I feel bound to make my small stamp on the ether on polling day.
    • That really did concern me, because if New Zealanders are not pricking up their ears to listen to a wide range of programming on National Radio, then it is just broadcasting into the ether, and there really is not that much point to it.
    • A controlled mind is like clear ether which the radiance of the sun can shine through.