Translation of ethic in Spanish:


ética, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛθɪk/

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    ética feminine
    the Protestant work ethic la ética protestante
    • The ethic of public service was passed on from his father, who worked in the island's customs office.
    • The programme was also intended to develop the ethic of natural resource conservation.
    • Miller was a persistent critic not of commerce, but of the commercial ethic as an all-embracing ideology.
    • For an ethic is not an ethic, and a value not a value without some sacrifice to it.
    • Today, the religious element of that work ethic has largely gone - but the ethic itself remains.
    • Is the core ethic of our society to maximise personal wealth?
    • This was the reality of the collectivist ethic in which each should be striving for all, not for himself and his own.
    • Over the past three decades environmentalism has evolved from a social movement to a societal ethic.
    • Christians have occasionally suggested that all of society should run on an ethic of brotherly love.
    • It asserts the value of a socialist ethic that de-emphasises self-promotion.
    • Underlying this system is an ethic that seems to value discipline and sacrifice for their own sake.
    • It is a rational, utilitarian, practical ethic, deeply American and consumerist.
    • Gender equality may not be too far off, given that action sports typically enjoy a community ethic.
    • But a strong work ethic was instilled in him at an early age.
    • Maybe I do have a residual Protestant work ethic after all.
    • Buddhism does have a strong sexual ethic, but not a repressive one.
    • The language of social justice also needs to be moderated and shaped by an ethic of care.
    • The original culture, with its strict mores enforcing an ethic of sharing, is apparently losing its dominance.
    • Together, we will need to build a new ethic of global stewardship.
    • Acting on strong moral convictions ought to be part of an ethic of responsibility.
    • His writings and addresses increasingly dealt with the ethics and morality of the end of life.