Translation of ethical in Spanish:


ético, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛθək(ə)l/ /ˈɛθɪk(ə)l/

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    (question/dilemma/values) ético
    (code/rules) de conducta
    • In this case, the mother was not arguing a religious, moral or ethical principle.
    • The way scientific knowledge is used raises ethical issues for everyone involved, not just scientists.
    • Consequently, the Authority's discretion on issues of ethical principle is difficult to challenge.
    • Theories based on natural rights were to be the principal vehicles for the discussion of ethical issues for the rest of the century.
    • It does, in fact, cover many moral and ethical issues and the submissions reflected this.
    • Those moral and ethical issues have been under-discussed, at least as far as cybernetics is concerned.
    • Surely humans have the ability to intervene in any number of moral and ethical issues purely by virtue of their sentience?
    • However, this case does raise the moral and ethical issues in a peculiarly sharp form.
    • In legal terms you might argue that they should be treated differently but in moral and ethical terms I see no difference.
    • Perhaps fewer of us are sensitive to what we might call the moral or ethical environment.
    • There is a general difficulty in inferring the underlying values or ethical principles that support social practices.
    • One may occasionally hear the claim that human use of animals raises no ethical issues whatsoever.
    • The underlying ethical principle here is that all people are of equal moral value and that it is wrong to treat them otherwise.
    • Reliable scientific knowledge has no ethical content, it is the way the world is.
    • Respectable ad agencies, of course, will insist that their own ethical standards are unimpeachable.
    • In order to raise ethical questions, the story and characters have to involve readers.
    • It is the ethical codes of the professional groups that prevent notification.
    • But even more conclusive evidence exists that doctors need help with ethical problems.
    • The ethical problems facing doctors and vets obviously differ in some ways.
    • Not long ago researchers examining ethical issues in medicine and health care had a different focus.