Translation of ethically in Spanish:


éticamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈɛθəkli/ /ˈɛθɪkli/


  • 1

    • Such research is ethically challenging because critically ill patients usually are unable to consent for research participation.
    • Some people believe that data mining itself is ethically neutral.
    • There is a very real danger that without parliamentary scrutiny or a proper regulatory regime, this legislation will permit medical technology to continue to race way ahead into uncharted and ethically troubling territory.
    • Their ethically dubious research had enhanced — rather than diminished — their professional careers.
    • My personal position is that animal testing is ethically suspect in all cases.
    • "Presumed uninformed consent is ethically unacceptable," Dr Randall said.
    • Administering a placebo is an act of deception that is ethically problematic.
    • She says the activists involved in the action are morally and ethically bankrupt.
    • Law enforcement officials are ethically obliged once presented with evidence of a material breach in the law to pursue the case.
    • We are ethically obligated to report signs of possible dementia in our patients.