Translation of ethics in Spanish:


ética, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛθɪks/

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    ética feminine
    • They thought that fundamental principles of ethics could be seen to be true by the natural light of reason.
    • Either way the technical difference between moral philosophy and ethics is so minimal as to be irrelevant.
    • Surely they're old enough to learn about ethics and moral philosophy, tailored to their age.
    • Arnold Geulincx, a Flemish philosopher, produced a treatise on ethics along Cartesian lines in 1655.
    • He also taught classes on ethics and ancient philosophy.
    • We all know, without the help of philosophy or ethics that we should, in normal circumstances, pay our debts and keep our promises.
    • Can the scientific theories of Charles Darwin really contribute to our philosophical understanding of ethics?
    • Like Marx, he developed not only a theory of economics, but a theory of history, philosophy, and ethics.
    • When it came to a philosophy of politics and ethics, again Archytas based his ideas on mathematical foundations.
    • Within this context, philosophy and ethics still have a crucial role to play.
    • The great theological battles are all built on the philosophical foundations of ethics.
    • He has published more than a dozen articles, chiefly on ancient philosophy and ethics.
    • This is why they devote so much of their time to philosophy, theology and ethics.
    • Such questions lie more properly within the realm of ethics and philosophy.
    • Much more important were al-Tusi's contributions to philosophy and ethics.
    • From its beginning, ontology has always intimately related to ethics and politics.
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    ética feminine
    medical/professional ethics ética médica/profesional
    • I'm not saying that ethics committees that question research proposals are always being pedantic.
    • Now the couple have been told the private clinic in England is willing to put their case to its ethics committee.
    • The study was performed in accordance with the regulations laid down by the hospital's ethics committee.
    • The local research ethics committee approved our study.
    • The trial was approved by the four local ethics committees.
    • Ethical approval was obtained from 11 local research ethics committees.
    • Our own ethics committee has an important role in guiding us.
    • Needless to say, careful review of all clinical trials by properly constituted ethics committees must continue.
    • I'm curious to know what your ethics committee and university thought of your proposal to do this work?
    • An essential characteristic of a profession is the need for its members to abide by a code of ethics.
    • Problems of both personal and company ethics are often a concern within the field of business, business management, marketing, international business and other areas taught within the School of Business.
    • Science cannot establish the dignity of human soul, nor can it promote ethics and morality in a society.
    • Conflicting loyalties pose a problem for perioperative nurses dealing with the ethics of advocacy.
    • Admittedly, many doctors fret about the ethics of sponsorship deals.
    • He also links to some info on a new study being done on the ethics and moral foundations of capitalism.
    • It is right here that morals and ethics can and often do go out the door.
    • Some of the new regulations currently in effect are aimed at raising the moral ethics of our people.
    • In view of these new possibilities, science sees dogmatic ethics and the moral burdens of history as obstacles on the road to progress.
    • If they let this one slide by, it means that they have no morals and no ethics.
    • These questions are subjective and involve our personal and professional ethics and philosophies.
    • The movie raises a lot of legitimate questions about the ethics and philosophical ramifications of cloning.