Translation of ethnically in Spanish:


étnicamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈɛθnəkli/ /ˈɛθnɪkli/


  • 1

    (similar/divided) étnicamente
    • Nineteenth-century American literary writers also did their part to perpetuate the idea that Irish-Americans were ethnically inferior.
    • Importantly, any post-conflict settlement, especially one in an ethnically divided region awash with weapons, should encourage the integration of minority groups.
    • An increasing number of students are from racially / ethnically diverse backgrounds.
    • You have a monolithic ethnically homogenous white population unthreatened by small marginal minorities of recent immigrants.
    • For companies with an ethnically diverse workforce, English is often the second language.
    • Many dance academies, university dance departments, and professional companies today are racially and ethnically mixed.
    • Ethiopia is another ethnically heterogeneous country comprised of about 70 languages, which serve to distinguish the various ethnic groups.
    • India, the most populated country in South Asia, is ethnically fragmented along cultural, religious, and linguistic lines.
    • How do ethnically homogeneous countries such as Germany or Japan open themselves to immigrants?
    • On the other hand, imposing the criteria of ethnically defined borders in relation to Kosovo held even greater dangers than in the rest of former Yugoslavia.
  • 2

    desde el punto de vista étnico