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euclidiano, adj.

Pronunciación /juˈklɪdiən/ /juːˈklɪdɪən/

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    • He was one of the earliest mathematicians to demonstrate that the ordinary experience of Euclidean concepts can be extended meaningfully beyond geometry into the idealised constructions of more complex abstract mathematics.
    • The second chapter presents a development of absolute and Euclidean geometry based on Hilbert's axioms.
    • A Euclidean geometry is based on false assumptions, which are called definitions, axioms, and postulates.
    • Today we call these three geometries Euclidean, hyperbolic, and absolute.
    • It reduced the problem of consistency of the axioms of non-Euclidean geometry to that of the consistency of the axioms of Euclidean geometry.
    • Similarly, an eliminative structuralist account of real analysis and Euclidean geometry requires a background ontology whose cardinality is at least that of the continuum.
    • The first two volumes cover the foundations of Euclidean geometry and the introduction of a coordinate system, volume 3 studies solid geometry considering quadrics, cubic curves in space, and cubic surfaces.
    • If all accelerated systems are equivalent, then Euclidean geometry cannot hold in all of them.
    • To sum up, I am asserting that Euclidean geometry is the only mathematical subject that is really in a position to provide the grounds for its own axiomatic procedures.
    • For example, in Euclidean geometry, the relevant invariants are embodied in quantities that are not altered by geometric transformations such as rotations, dilations, and reflections.
    • Conservative mathematicians maintained that such concepts would call into question the very existence and permanence of mathematical truth, as so nobly represented by Euclidean geometry.
    • In 1869, after Beltrami's letter… he realized he had made a mistake: the empirical concept of a rigid body and mathematics alone were not enough to characterize Euclidean geometry.
    • This is, of course, how Beltrami first showed that hyperbolic geometry was no less consistent than Euclidean geometry (though he used a different model).
    • Recently I have decided to capitulate and adopt Isaacs, which shuns both axiomatics and hyperbolic geometry in favor of actual problem solving and construction problems in standard Euclidean geometry.
    • The Vertical Angles Conflict Activity was designed for students about to embark upon the study of Euclidean geometry with reference to formal definitions and proofs in class.
    • The approach that concentrates on non-Euclidean geometry is ideal for students who already have a mastery of Euclidean geometry, but it cannot replace such a mastery.
    • From this point of view, Euclidean geometry is a very favorable place to begin a student's serious mathematical training.
    • This is a peer reviewed journal devoted to the Euclidean geometry.
    • Well, look at Cartesian geometry: In a Cartesian geometry - or Euclidean, which are interchangeable, in one sense - you have certain assumptions.
    • The falseness of the idea of principle, is typified by a Cartesian or Euclidean geometry.