Traducción de eulogy en Español:


elogio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈjulədʒi/ /ˈjuːlədʒi/

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nombreplural eulogies

  • 1literario

    elogio masculino
    loa femenino literario
    • The piece is a eulogy by his sister Shiela on the death of their mother.
    • Even an inaugural speech or a funeral eulogy loses relevance when taken out of context.
    • Then there will be a real state funeral, familiar nostalgia, more eulogies to praise duty and endurance.
    • A ceremony was held, a digging of a shallow grave, a brief eulogy, a moment of silence.
    • Surely a grown-up modern democracy should put debate at the heart of its responsibility, rather than devote precious parliamentary time to anecdotes and eulogies?
    • Yet after I left the funeral, some key themes of the media eulogies and other testimonials kept bothering me.
    • It's one of the great tragedies of human life that we tend to save our best compliments for eulogies.
    • I'm sorry I didn't mention that when I wrote his obituary or delivered his eulogy.
    • A line or two of grudging praise is all he gets when a eulogy might be in order.
    • The president, of course, delivered one of the eulogies.
    • Many laudatory speeches during birthday parties and eulogies during funerals simply skip over this time and construct biographical outlines without these years.
    • Now, hardly a day goes by without City's England international receiving the plaudits and eulogies from the soccer community.
    • Martha delivered the eulogy, which was broadcast to the mourners outside.
    • When the eulogy is heard and the tributes are given, none of us will have to search for words, bite our tongues or lie.
    • The pastor delivered an eloquent eulogy for Ryan and then softly shut his book.
    • This stemmed from a eulogy I delivered at a memorial for him upon his death two years ago.
    • They were all sitting together listening to the priest delivering a eulogy to Sara.
    • I tell her perhaps they'll let her deliver the eulogy for my cousin, when he comes home in a box.
    • Eight pall bearers placed the flag-covered coffin at the alter where many stepped forward to deliver eulogies.
    • As elegant as the eulogies were, the greatest tribute paid to him came after the service.
  • 2EEUU

    (at funeral)
    panegírico masculino