Traducción de euphoric en español:


eufórico, adj.

Pronunciación /juˈfɔrɪk/ /juˈfɑrɪk/ /juːˈfɒrɪk/

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    • I became filled with a sense of euphoric conversion; a new, enlightened understanding of the world.
    • It is precisely here that the viewer experiences a euphoric sense of triumph in the face of such adversity.
    • The sensation of sumptuous lips crushed against your own is every bit as euphoric as the indulgent delight of the feathery beginning.
    • Some say that chocolate gives consumers delights of euphoric content, I say it does not give me that.
    • She left that first session feeling exhilarated, even euphoric, and filled with energy.
    • A kind of ego annihilation is followed by euphoric reintegration and a sense of extended understanding.
    • You want to know when I'm happy or sad, tired, glad, euphoric, if I just got piece, whatever.
    • For those doing it it's a great high, a euphoric trance that makes them feel happy and free.
    • They jumped the high bumps, flung their bikes, did crisscross cuts and caught the spirit of the euphoric audience.
    • The atmosphere was euphoric even before we took the lead.
    • But a new team always comes in with the euphoric belief that it's got something special to contribute.
    • I expected to feel euphoric after finally fulfilling my lame ambition, but instead I was unsettled.
    • He reminds us that market crashes almost always occur when the crowd is euphoric, not when everyone is talking about the possibility.
    • Death by starvation and dehydration is neither painless nor euphoric.
    • It's truly a euphoric piece, supplanting the vocalists' rage and rediverting it to become almost an affirmation of life.
    • It is like someone who is too noisy, almost euphoric, whose ebullience hides enormous misery and despair.
    • But these are early stages, when you still feel euphoric and nothing can possibly shake your feeling for each other.
    • The mood was euphoric as Ukrainians prepared to celebrate both New Year and a feeling that democracy had finally come to their nation.
    • I came back to my office euphoric - which is not my normal workday condition!
    • I left reeling and euphoric after what felt like an hour-long conversation.