Translation of Eurocentric in Spanish:


eurocéntrico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌjəroʊˈsɛntrɪk/ /ˌjʊroʊˈsɛntrɪk/ /jʊərəʊˈsɛntrɪk/


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    • A Eurocentric nationalist view of history would posit ‘One World, Many Tribes’ as the oldest and least mature social formation.
    • Rather, they map onto each other and reinforce a politically conservative, Eurocentric view of culture.
    • The result was a Eurocentric view of world history in which Africans had no part.
    • Conventional historians will find the unashamedly Eurocentric view disturbing, and will judge the author's use of evidence rather cavalier.
    • The last have been favored in histories of world Jewry, and for too long those histories have been skewed by their Eurocentric view.
    • Australia was part of the British Empire and at school I was taught a fairly Britain-centric and Eurocentric view of the world.
    • This Eurocentric view ignored the many other right-to-left scripts: until about ad 1500 there were about as many right-to-left scripts as left-to-right ones.
    • In more than one instance their Eurocentric view eclipsed their respect, and they overlaid their names on ancient rock art and structures.
    • Most of these so called healthy weight indicators do not take many things into account and are biased towards a Eurocentric view of size and beauty.
    • Instead, the authors provide a Eurocentric view of pollution and its causes.
    • The main focus may have been Eurocentric, but there was a constant consideration of non-European cultures, in particular India and China.
    • History at school had been taught from a Eurocentric perspective, focusing on colonisation or slavery in Africa.
    • This is because certain towns have simply meaningless names connected to Eurocentric history while other names represent vicious corruption of indigenous names which need to be corrected.
    • Among some sectors of society, ‘Aussie’ is regarded as Eurocentric and anachronistic in a nation officially committed to ethnic and racial inclusiveness.
    • The Aryan Invasion theory propounded by western scholars gives a Eurocentric history of civilization, based on racial parameters.
    • Proponents of the former position were cast as conservative upholders of Enlightenment verities clinging to modernism as the last bastion of a Eurocentric culture.
    • This book broke with the Eurocentric conceptions of African history and immediately the book became one of the most widely-read and influential books on Africa and the third world in general.
    • So the point is that criminologists should be committed in their research to understanding the world marginalized by Eurocentric culture.
    • When I got to Union in New York, the culture was elitist, Eurocentric, competitive and individualistic.