Translation of Eurocrat in Spanish:


eurócrata, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjʊrəˌkræt/ /ˈjʊərə(ʊ)krat/

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    (burócrata de la CE) eurócrata masculine, feminine
    • But he also understands that the Europe of today is very different to what it was then, and so are the aims and objectives of the unelected Eurocrats who are largely responsible for setting the European Union agenda.
    • If interests are endogenous, they argue, we should expect to see autonomous Eurocrats going against objective, material national interests, or changes in national interests which otherwise would not have occurred.
    • I now realise I was wrong and it is fact the home of a grand people who are brave defenders of national rights against the fascist tendancies of the Eurocrats and a crony government.
    • Presidential decisions to protect vital American industries are declared invalid by Eurocrats.
    • Socialist internationalism does not stop at the Mediterranean or a line on a map drawn by Eurocrats.
    • I fully agree with you, though, that the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels need to be subject to democratic checks and controls sooner rather than later!
    • Apart from this matter of representation, there is the fact - unpalatable to all true democrats - that key decisions within the EU are made by unelected and unaccountable Eurocrats.
    • Without discussion, without appearing in any manifesto, the highly-paid, unelected Eurocrats have decided what is best for us.
    • So the land of chocolate and Eurocrats is becoming Europe's most surprising tax haven.
    • Keeping the European Union in check: The Eurocrats must be starting to regret the admission of the new members to the EU.
    • Back in 2002 Irish voters rejected the Treaty of Nice, and were rewarded for doing their democratic duty by Eurocrats insisting they vote again.
    • Government sources said the Customs delegation told Eurocrats its aim is to crackdown on the smuggling of goods which cheats the treasury out of around £3 billion pounds every year.
    • You have heard me talk about bureaucrats, even worse we now have Eurocrats!
    • Would the EU be happier to see the jobs going out of Europe is a question the rule-obsessed Eurocrats might ask themselves before they get too self-righteous about this economy and its winning ways.
    • Officially, Wednesday's discussion will centre around a report prepared by Eurocrats on nuclear safety in Eastern Europe, particularly in those states bidding for EU membership.
    • Animal experts are predicting that up to 2,000 Forest ponies a year could be crammed into crates and shipped to the continent if Eurocrats scrap a ban on live exports of horses to Europe.
    • This is all the more remarkable given that his largely expatriate audience of around 500 includes Eurocrats, MEPs and international business types who probably disagree with most of what he has to say.
    • Buying one of the smaller fry will do little for the giants of the business and the chances of the two biggies getting together would have the Eurocrats in Brussels rushing for the rulebook.
    • Still reeling from the collapse of its constitution, the EU's most senior Eurocrats yesterday promised to tour member states, including Britain, to ask citizens for their vision of its future.
    • They can complain about Eurocrats and the Common Fisheries Policy, but the main complaint against Brussels should be that it was not tough enough in the past on fishermen.