Translation of European in Spanish:


europeo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌjʊrəˈpiən/ /jʊərəˈpiːən/


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    europeo masculine
    europea feminine
    • For example, both Native Americans and Europeans used awls to produce clothing, bags, and leggings.
    • The second part focuses on the ways that Native Americans and Europeans adjusted to this new commerce.
    • The term derives from the Turkish sipahi, also the root of sepoy, the word used by Europeans for native Indian soldiers.
    • Initially set up in 1997, the company now sells to the European, Asian and American markets and employs six people.
    • He was part Indian, part European and founded the Native American Studies Program at Dartmouth College.
    • It is very different between the Americans, the Europeans and the Asians.
    • On this, the Americans, Europeans and Asians I met this January seem agreed.
    • Indians and African Americans could mimic the Europeans for their own ends, while also preserving their own rituals.
    • Although Americans assumed it had native origins, Europeans brought forth their own theories of its origins.
    • Most critical is how Americans and Europeans, including Britons, face up as communities to problems.
    • There were Asians, Africans, Europeans, the feminine and the androgynous, the young and mature, all vying for the available trade.
    • The natives battled with the Europeans during this period, and were defeated.
    • In this sense, he correctly talks of the Europeans as usurpers of native right.
    • For almost all northern Europeans, national identity continues to be wrapped up in, and equated with, ethnic background.
    • Unsurprisingly, the Ohioans strongly resented being lectured to on the foolishness of their national leader by some random bunch of erudite Europeans.
    • Arter suggested that the positive vote of this younger group was a vote for a new national identity as west Europeans.
    • And so West Europeans welcome East Europeans to their family of nations but then won't have them about the house.
  • 2British

    (pro EU)
    europeísta masculine, feminine
    • This is the fact that French leaders have been at once passionate patriots and passionate Europeans, a combination which leaves the British incredulous.
    • It also encompasses interactions with Europeans and national and regional officials and institutions.
    • A fetac Award is like a passport with national and most importantly, as Europeans, international recognition.
    • To Americans, the national flag has a depth of meaning that Europeans find hard to understand.
    • Look at Europe, many Europeans say, we have eradicated wars, dangerous nationalism and dictatorships.
    • It takes time for Europeans, or any other nation for that matter, to internalize the truth.
    • The success of Denmark and other nations gives the Europeans a benchmark against which to measure their efforts.
    • Above all the Europeans have learned to live without full national sovereignty.
    • Eighty percent of the world's national boundaries have been drawn up by Europeans.
    • However, among those Europeans who do support superpower status for the EU, the rationales vary in a telling way.
    • If the United Nations is ignored then the Europeans would no longer support the anti-terror struggle, he declared.
    • The Europeans would support the United States government, on such a policy.
    • I think Europeans would tend to support it, without U.S. pressure to the contrary.
    • But it is not a democratic model that Europeans can readily recognize.
    • But Europeans see democratic legitimacy as flowing from the will of the international community.
    • The problem for the Europeans is that Europe is a collection of nation states with competing interests.
    • At the same time, Europeans are clearly not ready for continent-wide, full-fledged democracy.
    • Most Europeans can name who is in charge of their municipal services.
    • So this particular protocol suits the Europeans, but it does not suit many other nations of the world.