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predicador, n.

Pronunciación /əˈvændʒələst/ /ɪˈvan(d)ʒ(ə)lɪst/

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    • 1.1(preacher)

      predicador masculino
      predicadora femenino
      • Wesley was blessed with a living experience of Christ and from the time of his conversion became an earnest evangelist who spent the rest of his long life preaching the gospel.
      • He delivered countless lectures all over the world, crossing all the continents and successfully engaging some of the biggest names in Christian evangelists in public debates.
      • Many evangelists preach an easy believism: no repentance, no yielding to Christ as Lord, no necessity for water baptism, no casting out of demons, no infilling of the Holy Spirit.
      • Thus, when evangelists preach the message of the Cross to today's generation, they are dismayed that increasingly people scoff at the message.
      • For a week in June each year, a team of evangelists and volunteers preach in London locations like Speakers' Corner, Covent Garden and Leicester Square.
      • There was a time when religious evangelists, of all faiths, proudly promoted their creeds on the basis that they constituted the truth.
      • A distinction can be drawn between the quiet sharing of one's faith as an evangelist and the aggressive outreach through proselytizing by adherents of some more fundamental faiths.
      • Public perceptions of charismatic evangelists tend to be ambivalent.
      • We are just a lone group of evangelists trying to restore faith and heartfelt belief in the world
      • The book then traces the rise of missionary activity in both China and India and the dismay of these evangelists in attempting to convert and shepherd a drug-addled and despondent flock.
      • If an evangelist should preach the gospel lacking in the affectionate qualities and energies generated by those truths, he has in reality <w ctag='NNP' lem='states'>States and Canada.
      • ‘Non-believers’ and evangelists, preaching a different form of Christianity from the Orthodox religion that saturates Georgia, have been attacked with clubs.
      • The indictment claims that the television evangelist failed to report more than $550,000 in income over three years, beginning in 1998.
      • They are not necessarily members of same churches or fans of the same evangelists on television.
      • They cannot tolerate the possibility that God may be working through other faiths - or at least that he might have the power to save those who never encountered a Christian evangelist.
      • The hymn was the favourite of the Christian evangelist Billy Graham and its official title is O Lord My God, When I In Awesome Wonder.
      • The preoccupation with inventive use of materials, economy and connection with place are all apparent; these rural evangelists practise what they preach.
      • For them, the early church, and the evangelists in particular, were far more interested in theology than in history and so created sayings and stories to meet the needs of the later church.
      • As a result, in America today, people hear more about evolution from evangelists preaching against it, than they do from their high school teachers.
      • The evangelist even preached a sermon in which he encouraged believers to ‘gain all you can; save all you can; give all you can.’

    • 1.2(member of an evangelical church)

      evangelista masculino, femenino

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    the four Evangelists los cuatro evangelistas
    • The first part of this paper should close with the due reference to Mary, mother of Jesus, by the evangelists Luke and John.
    • On this fourth and final Sunday of waiting, Matthew is the only evangelist to tell Joseph's side of the story of Jesus' birth, emphasizing his role as devout Jew and adoptive father.
    • Interestingly, in Mark's gospel the evangelist mentions scribes 19 times.
    • Does the fourth evangelist know Mark, and perhaps Luke, and use them and revise them very freely and extensively?
    • Indeed, one remarkable window portrays the four evangelists on the shoulders of the great prophets.
    • None of the four evangelists mentions any sort of internal division during the Sanhedrin trial.
    • Other recurrent characters are the four old men, collectively called Mamalujo and modelled on the four evangelists and also an apostolic group of twelve who feature as clients in the pub, or members of a jury.
    • It is important to remember that the gospel story, both as the evangelist relayed it and as we repeat it today, is told from the perspective of resurrection faith.
    • And Glasgow artist Nichol Wheatley has also recreated four paintings of the evangelists on the impressive dome, using the single surviving black and white picture of the original design from 1927.
    • Mark has meditated on John's execution in ways that the other evangelists do not.
    • Under the main dome, for example, there are four evangelists in the spandrels.
    • Under the canopies on the one side are figures of the four great prophets, and on the other side figures of the four evangelists.
    • In the book of Revelation, the evangelist, John, has a vision of a whore sitting on many waters.
    • Jesus is the word of God, according to John the evangelist in the prologue.
    • Mr Brett said he was upset with the damage to the west window, which depicts the life of St John the evangelist, because it was one of his favourites.
    • I submit that it is possible that one or more of the evangelists interpreted Pilate in a positive way.
    • Here he sketches the main interests that dominate the evangelists' use of parables.