Translation of even-tempered in Spanish:


ecuánime, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌivənˈtɛmpərd/

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    • Obviously I can't imagine why these keys would ever be useful to someone as calm, level-headed and even-tempered as myself.
    • One man is wrathful and always angry, and another even-tempered and never angry.
    • She talked slowly, in her calm, even-tempered way.
    • His presentation is calm and even-tempered, but not monotone either.
    • But it helps to have good people around you, people who are also even-tempered and stable.
    • The Connecticut senator, probably the most naturally even-tempered of the serious Democratic contenders, followed his campaign strategy of starkly drawing issue distinctions with his rivals.
    • The eulogists - and many of them knew Gerry a lot longer than this writer - have variously described him as an even-tempered, good-humoured and generous man, traits of his character we all knew and recognised.
    • He is quite even-tempered and intensely funny in a quiet way.
    • He's very able, reasonable, even-tempered, doesn't get too high when things are great, doesn't get too low when things are bad, which of course you need in the Senate because there are a lot of ups and downs.
    • Neilson was a remarkably generous and even-tempered person who rarely had anything critical or dismissive to say of anyone, yet there may be a trace of irritation in his tone when he hastily deals with the matter in one of his letters.
    • ‘I believe I am a Unitarian in the traditional and modern senses of the word,’ says the even-tempered, erudite 41 year old.
    • He is even-tempered, slow to anger, able to teach.
    • You are even-tempered, friendly, and educated.
    • Stanley was unfailingly polite and even-tempered on the set.
    • I can't say I'm a patient, understanding, even-tempered sort of person, because that would be an outright lie.
    • Clark, who has a reputation for bristling when facing criticism, maintained a smile and an even-tempered tone.
    • When called in the early hours of the morning, as he frequently was, he was as even-tempered as if attending a social event.
    • Two days later, a more even-tempered evangelist came to town.
    • And though he likes the view from where he is, it's not easy to always be the smiling face, the urbane, even-tempered young man.
    • At least externally, the cardinal reacted in an even-tempered way to negative criticism by bishops and lay people.