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noche, n.

Pronunciación /ˈivnɪŋ/ /ˈiːv(ə)nɪŋ/

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    • 1.1

      noche femenino
      (before dark) tarde femenino
      at 10 in the evening a las 10 de la noche
      • at 6 in the evening a las 6 de la tarde
      • he came in the evening vino por la tarde
      • every Tuesday evening todos los martes por la tarde/noche (or en la tarde etc.)
      • let's have an evening out tonight ¿por qué no salimos esta noche?
      • evening meal cena
      • evening performance función de tarde
      • the evening star el lucero de la tarde
      • Except for short exercise periods in the evening the prisoners were confined to their individual cells for the first three days.
      • When I was doing the play I was tiring and absolutely using up all of my resources but it was a two hour period in the evening and then it was finished.
      • Then allocate work to do in all your free periods and in the evening.
      • Many cultures eat the main meal at midday and have a light meal in the evening.
      • The people inside the taxi, look hopeful anticipating a good bargain and a fleshy nutritious meal in the evening.
      • However, 9 pm is a bit early, especially if a family is out for a meal in the evening.
      • Everyone then comes together for a nice meal in the evening and we're all in bed by 10 pm catching up on our sleep.
      • Fasting all day and eating a meal in the evening actually puts on weight.
      • They had only one meal in the evening consisting of fermented barkbiter roots and gruel.
      • I know in Darwen our police station closes down in the evening and there's no police at night time.
      • A complete food service was provided late in the evening after night flying.
      • Fortunately for us, it rained heavily in the evening so the bars closed quite early for the night and we managed to get some sleep.
      • Make sure you take provisions for when the main site closes in the evening, because the camp site then becomes a festival in itself.
      • The course will be held in the evening and will run over a period of 10 weeks.
      • Depending on the time of year and the work schedule, the main meal may be served at midday or in the evening.
      • The flowers open wide in the sun and close in the evening.
      • A meeting was held in the facility's clubhouse later in the evening after offices had closed.
      • Traffic was diverted on to minor roads, causing tailbacks in the evening rush-hour as workers made their way home.
      • They are having a sit-down meal for 30 and a disco in the evening before leaving for a honeymoon in Cornwall.
      • In the evening rush hour, four young women were injured in a lightning strike in Hyde Park, central London.

    • 1.2(period of entertainment)

      velada femenino formal
      noche femenino
      we felt like an evening of bridge teníamos ganas de pasar una noche jugando al bridge
      • one of their famous musical evenings una de sus famosas veladas musicales
      • Trosley's next event, an evening of Russian folk music round a campfire, is taking place on Saturday.
      • The disc is too propulsive to be background music, but too modest to be your evening's main event.
      • Lying in Morgan's double bed, their heads inches apart, Dawn thinks over the evening's events.
      • The evening's events will include dinner and a casino night for all attendees.
      • I lay awake for hours that night trying to make sense of the evening's events.
      • Get a guided tour around this beautiful house, visit the gift shop or look out for events such as ghost evenings throughout the year.
      • For everyone, Ramada's Iftar evenings remain a unique event of special food items.
      • This evening's event in the Kings Hall is already sold out.
      • The other big give away about the fantastic nature of the evening's events was the presence of so many of Polly's media idols.
      • There was one unfortunate event of the evening, however, and it involved bad eyesight and a stone dog!
      • There have been reports of women at parties who wake up wearing no clothes and with no memory of the previous evening's events.
      • However, there were no major blazes and the ambulance service did not report any serious incidents as a result of the evening's events.
      • A few blocks away stood the object of the evening's activities: the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
      • The event was an evening of entertainment focusing on the legacy the outgoing Bishop of Manchester will leave.
      • The après match comedians kept the ball rolling before the main event of the evening.
      • Many friends, and customers turned up for the event and a great evening was had by all.
      • I thought about it for a while, tried to remember the events of the evening, it was patchy at best.
      • All were delighted with the great evening where music was played and all relaxed in a most homely and wonderful atmosphere.
      • Perhaps the most memorable social event is the karaoke evening at the Hotel Seedorf.
      • The 100 back seemed to serve as a great warm-up for her main event of the evening.

    • 1.3 literario (concluding period)

      crepúsculo masculino literario

  • 2evenings

    (before dark) por la tarde
    (before dark) en la tarde América Latina
    (before dark) a la tarde Río de la Plata
    (before dark) de tarde Río de la Plata
    (after dark) por la noche
    (after dark) de noche
    (after dark) en la noche América Latina