Translation of event in Spanish:


acontecimiento, n.

Pronunciation /əˈvɛnt/ /ɪˈvɛnt/

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  • 1

    (happening, incident)
    acontecimiento masculine
    events proved us right el desarrollo de los acontecimientos demostró que estábamos en lo cierto
    • the events of that night los acontecimientos / los sucesos de aquella noche
    • in the normal course of events en circunstancias normales
    • theatrical event espectáculo teatral
    • a charitable event un espectáculo (or certamen etc.) con fines benéficos
    • it was the sporting event of 1993 fue el gran acontecimiento deportivo de 1993
    • It was simply bad luck that it pulled out, and even worse luck that such a rare event happens when I am on the boat.
    • They have also listened to the views of others - sometimes a rare event in local government.
    • It really is a rare event that one email can have our headquarters having a joint chuckle.
    • I think part of it was that staying up to midnight was a rare event, an exciting exception to our daily life.
    • The best that most of us can do is to live with it, enjoy it and be thankful it is such a rare event.
    • The parallelism of political events and economic changes is of course very relative.
    • The public will be denied knowledge of what witnesses to important political events have to say.
    • In animal cells, a variety of key events in cell death focus on mitochondria.
    • They never did, but this musical turns back the clock and changes the outcome of events.
    • This deeply shocking turn of events has never happened before, and a sit-down was called for.
    • On the political front, events have also increased tempo on a positive note.
    • A walk round the site is one of the more emotional events you can experience.
    • It's a precautionary measure and we'll continue to monitor events as they develop.
    • The events inspired political and economic revolution in Britain and led to the birth of a new class.
    • The two voices in this debate drew opposite conclusions from events in the Gulf.
    • The Viking victory marked the start of a series of events that would change English history.
    • Political events were to intervene, however, as the French Wars of Religion began.
    • Several cataclysmic events happened all at once, but all I remember now are a few things.
    • It's too bad that most of his monologues were so focused on current events because it made them hard to watch now.
    • It also looks at motoring incidents and events which have happened in or passed through Croydon.
  • 2

    prueba feminine
    • There are other sporting events that honour their champions with unique apparel.
    • When you talk about the death of people at a sporting event, the sport itself passes into the background.
    • It is feared that low-flying seagulls could disrupt events such as beach volleyball.
    • Ian suffered a badly broken right leg in the accident and feared he would not be able to compete in sidecar events again.
    • OK, before we go, there's a couple of other sporting events going ahead this weekend.
    • We look at why insurance for major sporting events has become a precarious business.
    • Unlike Bernie he doesn't take a back seat but competes in the events whose fiendish formats he invents.
    • This was one of the most notorious events in sporting history, but it is dealt with here in a single paragraph.
    • Canada has been a leader in trying to control doping and having proper judging at all sports events.
    • Two of them learned they were disqualified as they were about to compete in their events.
    • She was also seventh in the 500m time trial and plans to compete in both events.
    • They are given nearly six events and requested to compete in any events they think fit.
    • The appeal of these books is that they do not simply rerun sporting events.
    • The gymnastics events at the Athens Olympics have been hit by several judging controversies.
    • Men and women contest four events each while the remaining three are classified as open.
    • This was James's first Pentathlon and he was the youngest competitor in this event.
    • I remember how exciting it was to go to Madison Square Garden and to go to a live sporting event.
    • In Athens it was expected to fall to the Chinese, who did not compete in this event in Sydney.
    • Do you call the athlete out of the event for illegal use when it may well have been formed naturally in their body?
    • Exemption crews would not be able to compete in Junior events held at the National Championships.