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Pronunciación /ˈɛvər/ /ˈɛvə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(at any time)

      have you ever visited London? ¿has estado en Londres (alguna vez)?
      • did you ever meet him? ¿llegaste a conocerlo?
      • will we ever get there? ¿llegaremos algún día?
      • don't you ever listen? ¿es que nunca escuchas?
      • do your neighbors ever sleep? ¿tus vecinos nunca duermen?
      • they never ever have a proper meal nunca, pero nunca, comen como es debido
      • nobody ever comes to see me nunca viene nadie a verme
      • we hardly ever go out casi nunca salimos
      • I seldom, if ever, eat meat muy rara vez como carne
      • if you ever need me, I'll be here si (alguna vez) me necesitas, aquí estoy
      • The truth, however, is that I never ever regret my regular trips to the gym.
      • Remember the names of those politicians and never ever trust anything that they ever say again!
      • It's easier said than done but you will never ever have a better chance of doing it than right now.
      • He never ever expected it could be his heart though he has not been well since Vicky's death but it was put down to stress.
      • Of course our generation had complete respect for our elders and never ever gave cheek to them or annoyed them.
      • He really tries to push the Texan thing, but he'll never ever be a real Texan!
      • A lot was made of the fact that I am so committed to Scotland, but I never ever thought any other way.
      • He was then replaced by the chief inspector, who was now my own chief inspector, but he never ever came to see me.
      • I know from personal experience that you never ever really get over this awful loss in your family.
      • Did anyone ever check that a range of test pressures corresponded with suitability for particular usages?
      • It's such a simple and good idea that the likelihood of it ever being adopted ranges between slim and none.
      • No commentator has ever sounded foolish by emphasising the obstacles to peace.
      • They were the cutest couple at our school and no one could ever compare to either of them.
      • And you realize that no physical pain could ever compare to what you feel inside.
      • It is doubtful there could ever be a comparable level of certainty with dementia patients.
      • Why isn't the emphasis on the fact that journalists seldom, if ever, kick a man when he's up?
      • But no British leader, given the media ranged against him, could ever give it up.
      • Have you ever gone to the practice ground or driving range and just hit wedges?
      • Well, that brings up the possibility of a whole range of new abuses no-one had ever thought of.
      • How many of us have ever met a person who combines the range of attributes that are said to be essential?

    • 1.2(expressing incredulity, indignation)

      as if he'd ever do such a terrible thing! ¡como si fuera capaz de hacer semejante cosa!
      • Did they ever actually tell you that there were no jobs they had for you?
      • He said this is the most ridiculous question he has ever heard and then hung up on me.
      • How the hell did we ever manage to get through an election night before the internet?
      • How did we ever manage without this mass collective memory of objects?
      • The problem is at which point did you ever consider the rating of the readers about this newspaper?
      • How in the name of whichever gods did they ever pass their driving tests?
      • We hooked up with the wedding party towards the inebriate end of the evening - my word, did we ever.
      • Did you ever consider the fact that people might like to get on the train behind you?

  • 2

    these are our worst ever results estos son los peores resultados que hemos tenido hasta ahora / que hayamos tenido nunca
    • the situation is worse than ever la situación está peor que nunca
    • now more than ever (before) we must exercise caution ahora más que nunca tenemos que actuar con cautela
  • 3

    • 3.1

      the ever growing threat of war la creciente amenaza de la guerra
      • ever worsening unemployment un problema de desempleo cada vez peor
      • ever helpful, he offered to drive me there gentil como siempre, se ofreció a llevarme en coche
      • the danger is ever present el peligro está siempre presente
      • an ever-present danger un peligro constante / siempre presente
      • his ever-expanding waistline su cada vez mayor circunferencia
      • Nursing and support staff do a wonderful job but are constantly under pressure from ever dwindling resources.
      • The collective refuse to be labelled as their music selection is ever changing and constantly modified.
      • This same organisation does not hide its desire to grow ever bigger.
      • This is certainly an achievement: we had become accustomed to waiting lists growing ever longer.
      • The truth is that their are promising the earth without having the faintest idea of how to pay for their ever growing wishlist.
      • As the backlog of matches grew ever larger, the workload for the potential champion looked frightening.
      • Today he has a small, but ever growing, loyal fan base and a vehicle to share those tunes with the world.
      • Now, our global commitments grow ever wider, as our armed forces contract.
      • There are some more new links in the ever growing links list to the left, do check them out, they nearly all swear less than me.
      • Sunday lunch in Killester was interrupted by the sound of music growing ever louder.
      • Mr Willis may not see the need to do anything more about the hold which drugs are taking on an ever growing number of children.
      • They want enough money to feed their ever growing families and enough to put a roof over their head.
      • Now the day lasts and lasts, the cats sit outside, their eyes growing larger and ever larger as the light fades.
      • The small but ever growing town of Goreme is one of the few places in the area where the rock-cut houses are still in use.
      • Rowley's injury is the last thing Leigh needed as the casualty list at Hilton Park grows ever longer.
      • Why do I not keep up with the ever growing pile of post when it comes in?
      • The segment of my horizon it illumines grows shorter and ever shorter, and the night longer and longer.
      • Papers get bigger by the year, offering an ever wider range of material.
      • The conversion of the Parliament from an outsider to an insider position has drawn to it an ever wider range of interests.
      • Insurance increased during the 20th cent. to meet an ever widening range of risk.

    • 3.2

      cada vez
      it has become ever more apparent se ha hecho cada vez más evidente
      • the situation is growing ever more dangerous la situación se vuelve cada vez / cada día más peligrosa

    • 3.3literario (always)

      eternamente literario
      • I heard a tale of true romance, crusty old prehistoric creatures and happily ever after.
      • It did average business and I recovered some money so that I could live happily ever after.
      • All too many do not live happily ever after and opt for being single again.
      • Does the pair overcome the hurdles in their path and live happily ever after?
      • Now the peace process is no more, it makes no sense to regard it as a mantra, a modern spell to make everyone live happily ever after.
      • The story is supposed to be what happens after happily ever after and that is the main problem with the film.
      • The problem that many people have with this story is that not everybody lives happily ever after.
      • And they never tell you when that happens it might not end happily ever after.
      • In an ideal world, marriage vows are sacred and everyone lives happily ever after.
      • There will be no more war and everyone will live happily ever after.
      • Perhaps they could exchange wives and then everyone would live happily ever after!
      • Personally, I'm hoping Gunther and Rachel get married and live happily ever after.
      • Then the war started, they all went home, and they lived happily ever after.
      • In this case there was a happy ending and everybody did live happily ever after.
      • My guess is that he sold the film rights to his life, faked his own death and lived happily ever after.
      • As they kiss, he turns into a handsome prince and they all live happily ever after.
      • I was the romantic female character that would fall in love and live happily ever after.
      • Will it end happily ever after, or does that just happen in fairy stories?
      • Dylan drops her home then writes a story about how much he hates fairy tales and that no one lives happily ever after.
      • Nick, as ever, looks relatively sane by comparison, but then most people would really.
      • Originality, ever prized, is increasingly scarce, but we can offer you these.
      • Instead we have to appreciate that social order is constantly fluid, ever in flux.

  • 4

    • 4.1

      when will you ever learn? ¿cuándo vas a aprender?
      • why ever did you tell him? ¿por qué diablos se lo dijiste?
      • what ever can have happened? ¿qué podrá haber pasado?
      • who ever would have guessed? ¿quién lo hubiera imaginado?
      • who would ever have guessed? ¿quién lo hubiera imaginado?

    • 4.2Britanico coloquial

      thanks ever so orever so much orever such a lot muchísimas gracias
      • it's ever so cold in here hace muchísimo frío aquí
      • they're ever such a close family son una familia tan unida
      • he's ever so fat es gordísimo
      • I ran as fast as ever I could corrí tan rápido como pude
      • This is the third year of the festive event and is set to be the best ever with a whole range of surprises in store for visitors.
      • The richest range of blue I ever saw came onboard flights throughout Pacific islands.
      • The soundtrack has been expanded, with unexpected classics, and the range of vehicles is wider than ever.
      • He has boosted his vocal power, widened his range and sounds more impressive than ever.
      • The explanation was that the range was under more pressure than ever because of wildfires and drought.
      • This leaves a larger population of retired people compared to those still in work than ever before.
      • Now he's getting compared to Pele and being called our greatest ever footballer.
      • It's not a top or a dress but the most gorgeous underwear I've ever seen and it's in my price range.
      • Women are buying more cars than ever and represent an increasingly important group of customers.
      • In its last years as Ottoman capital, Constantinople, more than ever, became a world city.
      • This being the case, the active role of voters grows more important than ever.
      • He had the most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen and I grew to love him very much.
      • Tomatoes would have to be one of the easiest, most versatile fruits you will ever grow.
      • It all ran off in the biggest creek run ever, absolutely nothing grew from that rain.
      • I'll have you know my profession takes a lot more talent then yours ever did!

    • 4.3coloquial (certainly, without doubt)

      can she ever dance! ¡qué bien baila!
      • are you having fun? — am I ever! ¿te estás divirtiendo? — ¡y cómo!