Translation of every in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɛvri/

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  • 1

    every room was searched se registraron todas las habitaciones
    • every writer needs a good dictionary todo escritor necesita un buen diccionario
    • she wins every time siempre gana
    • every day/minute is precious cada día/minuto es precioso
    • she comes every month viene todos los meses
    • it was expensive, but worth every penny salió caro, pero valió la pena
    • she's written six novels and I've read every one ha escrito seis novelas y las he leído todas
    • they gave every one of their employees a watch le regalaron un reloj a cada uno de los empleados
    • every one of you todos y cada uno de ustedes
    • every single one of them was broken estaban todos rotos, sin excepción
    • they do it every time siempre hacen lo mismo
    • every other boy in the class has one todos los demás niños de la clase tienen uno
    • he pandered to her every whim le consentía todos los caprichos
    • hanging on her every word pendiente de cada cosa que decía
    • they watch your every move están continuamente vigilándote
    • He had no issue with that at all and that made it easier for every member of the family.
    • After a decade the group still have a few original members and gain new members every year.
    • We all agree that every society and every individual has the right to self defence.
    • It would appear that people are believing every twisted word printed in the media.
    • There is rarely a brand that offers exactly what every individual buyer is looking for.
    • For every member of the burn team, rehabilitation must start from the time of injury.
    • I want every member who wants to speak to be able to have his or her say, and to be heard.
    • It is also as intelligently written as it is expertly performed by every member of the cast.
    • It is our task to ensure that every trade union member and every local union branch signs up as well.
    • Jamie has a great post that I was going to excerpt, but every word is on the money.
    • Ken sat in the middle of the dance floor on a chair as his father and every guest had a snip.
    • Ideally everybody would read every word of every page as you might read a Trollope novel.
    • She is loving every minute of being back on court and she cannot get enough of the buzz of being at a grand slam.
    • You can spend every minute glued to the news on the internet but it doesn't update.
    • Win or lose, it will be a great experience and I intend to make the most of every minute.
    • For us it was just a great race and I enjoyed every minute because I could push the car all the way.
    • It is not possible to buy every fund though a discount broker or fund supermarket.
    • The key is to throw the net as widely as possible and organise in every locality.
    • The physical effort of having to be at the theatre every night became too much to handle.
    • He has to know the rules of every game and make sure staff are following the correct procedures.
  • 2

    (indicating recurrence)
    every ten miles cada diez millas
    • every three days cada tres días
    • every third day cada tres días
    • The camp will run from Friday to Sunday and will return on the third weekend of every month.
    • On every third opening of the pages, there is a medallist now known to have cheated.
    • In some swims, on every third cast the weight would jam up on a hidden snag and we'd have to pull for a break.
    • There was a sharp turn at every twenty or thirty yards and at each turn a novel effect.
    • I no longer check my in box every five minutes for messages from the someone else.
    • When they are arriving at the rate of one or two every minute, it becomes more than you can cope with.
    • Stansted airport used a manual system to allow planes to take off every ten minutes.
    • Less evident is a web cam running in the background and updating every ten minutes.
    • These buses will run at least every ten minutes, offering a quick way in and out of York.
    • We have one every three minutes or so, whereas Albert Square is lucky to see one a year.
    • Shake pan gently every couple of minutes to ensure chips do not stick to the bottom.
    • I look at it for a couple of minutes every hour or so now, in the hope of some inspiration.
    • Trains run every two or three minutes and take about an hour to do a complete lap of the city.
    • He was supposed to laugh and then bring it up every five minutes with the sole purpose to tease me about it.
    • Turn the rod a quarter turn every ten minutes for an hour to avoid any dripping.
    • Taylor is in favour of a regular return of the Auld Enemy game, possibly every two years.
  • 3

    (very great, all possible)
    they have every confidence in us confían plenamente / tienen plena confianza en nosotros
    • I wished them every happiness les deseé toda la felicidad del mundo
    • we've every reason to doubt her word tenemos razones de peso / de sobra para dudar de su palabra
    • she made every effort to satisfy him hizo lo indecible / todo lo posible por satisfacerlo
    • there is every prospect of a reconciliation hay muchas posibilidades de que se reconcilien
    • you had every chance tuviste todo tipo de oportunidades
    • He said staff were now making every effort to encourage new applications for grants.
    • These children are our future and should be given every chance possible to succeed.
    • The Rotarians have agreed that every possible step should be taken to stop the work.
    • Staff at the Magpie Cafe said every effort is being made to minimise the impact of the queues.
    • We must make our contribution to eliminate stigma and fight it in every way possible.
    • I made every effort to avoid the eyes of the medical staff and left with my head held low.
    • Their explorations into concrete as a material created every reason to try it out.
    • There is every reason to think that you would come across problems cloning humans.
    • He is clearly a hard working and sincere musician, who puts every effort into his craft.
    • When the Doctor regenerates every effort is made to literally bring new life to the part.
    • The material is brightly presented and every effort is made to ensure its accuracy.
    • Two of them, with young families of their own, appeared to have every reason to live.
    • If this is the case, and there's every reason to believe it is, then what is going on?
    • Certainly, every effort has been made to give an idea what is happening in our area.
    • England are still in the tournament so there is every reason for more pubs to enter.
    • She said the family made every effort to console Joyce but had been let down by his lies.
    • The rehab house had a habit of throwing parties for any and every reason available.
    • With his defenders failing to cut out the simplest of crosses, he had every reason to be.
    • There was every possibility he may have collapsed and been in need of urgent medical help.
    • We will certainly be looking at every possibility of making it reach into new spheres.