Translation of everything in Spanish:


todo, pron.

Pronunciation /ˈɛvriˌθɪŋ/ /ˈɛvrɪθɪŋ/

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    I'm always losing everything siempre ando perdiéndolo todo
    • they sell everything from vegetables to paintbrushes venden de todo, desde verduras a brochas
    • everything else todo lo demás
    • everything possible has been done se ha hecho todo lo posible
    • she's everything to me (ella) lo es todo para mí
    • money isn't everything el dinero no lo es todo
    • It's a presentation with drama and music and then I wind everything together at the end of the night.
    • With the edges aligned, the stapler is then used to fasten everything together at the top left corner.
    • We created everything we did together and, yes, sometimes it was very stressful.
    • I was just wondering if you could put together a list of everything you have coming out this summer.
    • The day case unit is a small, private ward but everything will be mixed together in the big ward.
    • Lifting the pasta up high she tosses the spaghetti with a wooden fork and spoon to mix everything together.
    • We think the universe is expanding, which means that in the past everything was closer together.
    • I'm not surprised everything has come together so well, because the team was blended.
    • I had a really, really great experience and I was glad that everything came together.
    • To tie everything together, the soundtrack brings to life the entire adventure.
    • He lived in Brixton, did martial arts, taught me everything I know about self defence.
    • Pat promised to train me but he died before he got a chance to teach me everything.
    • He never missed a meeting and did everything he could to teach and inspire us.
    • I say teach them everything there is to know on the subject, education is the key to this problem.
    • I worked with her, and she wrote out everything and taught me how to pronounce it.
    • It was my first cookery book and taught me everything I know about cookery in the tropics.
    • When we first got together we could talk for hours and we shared everything.
    • Survive a holiday together and you can take everything that's thrown at you in matrimony.
    • As they all sat together on the bed, Libby told them everything that they did not know.
    • We've got everything from pocket money toys to items that are more expensive.