Traducción de evict en español:


desahuciar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈvɪkt/ /ɪˈvɪkt/

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verbo transitivo

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    (tenant/squatter) desahuciar
    (tenant/squatter) desalojar
    • After evicting her, the landlord started renovations in hopes of raising the rent for the next tenant.
    • I have now received a letter from the council evicting me from my property.
    • If he is evicted and made homeless he is bound to commit suicide, for which the council will be squarely responsible.
    • The decision to evict a member must be made in accordance with the by-laws established by the membership.
    • The order enabled the police to evict any tenants and board up the property.
    • However, the law will also allow landlords to evict tenants much faster.
    • Why does he not come straight out and say that he wants all landlords to evict every tenant who might be accused of upsetting the next door neighbour.
    • Soon the association was strong enough to boycott local landlords who were evicting their tenants and offering the land to others at increased rents.
    • At present, landlords cannot evict tenants who are willing to pay prevailing market rates.
    • It would, for example, prevent a landlord from evicting a widow from an apartment on the grounds that she was not the ‘registered’ tenant.
    • Some landlords are also evicting people without so much as an appearance in court, in violation of due process.
    • Remember that your landlord can't evict you unless the Régie du logement says he's allowed.
    • Our landlord tried to evict us three days before Christmas because he wanted more money.
    • Magistrates also ordered that he be evicted and imposed an injunction to keep him away from her for a year.
    • York council has demonstrated its resolve to evict nuisance tenants.
    • While evicting the tenants would increase the landlords income, it would cause hardship on the tenants.
    • He has just taken over the property that I live in and is evicting me with less than a month's notice.
    • In some cases, workers were evicted from their homes to make way for new property development.
    • The landlord wins a stack of cash and the right to evict his tenant.
    • Landlords will retain the power to evict tenants who display anti-social behaviour.
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    (demonstrators) desalojar