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pruebas, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɛvədəns/ /ˈɛvɪd(ə)ns/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(proof)

      pruebas femenino
      • He is entitled by law to call evidence and to be represented by counsel at such a hearing.
      • For the Crown it is argued that this evidence was admissible but not as evidence of similar facts.
      • In the absence of such evidence we see no need for the Attorney General to lead evidence in rebuttal.
      • The claimant introduced the documentary evidence at the start of the hearing.
      • The answer to this question depends on what evidence was properly admissible at the trial.

    • 1.2(statements)

      the evidence for the defense/prosecution el descargo de la defensa/el capítulo de cargos
      • anything you say may be taken down and used in evidence against you cualquier cosa que diga podrá utilizarse como prueba en su contra
      • to give evidence for/against sb declarar / prestar declaración a favor/en contra de algn

    • 1.3(objects)

      pruebas femenino
      to destroy the evidence destruir las pruebas
      • the revolver was produced as evidence el revólver fue presentado como prueba

  • 2

    • 2.1(grounds, supporting data)

      pruebas femenino
      what is the evidence that God exists? ¿qué prueba(s) hay de que Dios exista?
      • some of the evidence suggests a conspiracy hay indicios que apuntan a una conspiración
      • This pattern is consistent within the whole body of evidence in the present study.
      • The evidence now questions whether the grounds on which we went to war were right.
      • Insufficient evidence is available to judge whether this relation is cause and effect.
      • There is a difference between something being true and there being evidence.
      • You could at least do us the honour of pretending you care whether there's any evidence or not before you act.
      • As a scientist, I would ask him to present some credible evidence for this belief.
      • He pondered whether such video evidence might be used to counter the threat of a touchline ban.
      • Thirdly, wise policy decisions can only be based upon the best available evidence.
      • We have attempted to find the best available evidence for the topics we discuss.
      • Major studies based on a growing body of evidence show that pesticides are not safe.
      • At the moment it appears that workers do not have to provide evidence of their belief.
      • There is also a substantial body of evidence that would support a contrary argument.
      • The limited evidence available indicated that the advice given was generally good.
      • This is not because it would be unsafe, but because we have no evidence to suggest whether or not it is safe.
      • There is no evidence to suggest whether the sniffers are local or are from outside the area.
      • Now what matters is not how a treatment is categorised but whether there's evidence to support it.
      • The shadow of the Earth cast on the Moon during an eclipse added experimental evidence to the belief.
      • The body of evidence on the health of swine clones is considerably more limited than for bovine clones.
      • Well I do not know where you would get that idea but I have no evidence of this being true.
      • The question, if one tries to balance all the available evidence, is a lot trickier than it may seem.

    • 2.2(testimony)

      testimonio masculino
      on the evidence of those present según (el testimonio / las declaraciones de) los que estuvieron presentes
      • the evidence of the senses el testimonio de los sentidos

    • 2.3(sign, indication)

      indicio masculino
      señal femenino
      the house showed evidence of neglect la casa se veía descuidada
      • Subtle evidences are indications of the trend to suppress public display of Christianity in favor of other religions, paganism, or simply anti-Christian sentiment.
      • The end of the twentieth century also brought evidences of decline, marked by ephemera, bombastic spectacle, revivals from better times, and periodic infusions of life from Europe and England.
      • These evidences indicated that houseflies could be used as a model system, with the possible wider application of alleviating symptoms of aging in human subjects.
      • There are a variety of additional evidences, which indicate that most, if not all, of the Columbia River basalts were extruded underwater.
      • Group III consisted of 30 clinical samples collected from lesions that had definitive evidences of non tuberculous disease conditions, was included as negative control.
      • If some in the present ministry have been charge-sheeted in various criminal cases, there were also quite a few ministers and party in the earlier government with audio-visual evidences of their taking bribes.
      • Every now and then the scientist and anthropologists discovers new evidences, which fortify India's claim of being culturally most advanced in the ancient times.
      • Citing several discrepancies including mistake in name of the girl in the report the court decided to ignore the DNA test reports and reached to a conclusion depending on other evidences.
      • But there is peril ahead if we don't modernize the system, invest in energy the way we need to, because there will be other evidences of problems coming up.
      • Well, first, there are historical evidences for the text.
      • Everywhere are evidences of faded ambitions and forlorn whistles in the dark…
      • The evidences are all there that there is a supernatural being.
      • How is our sense of place affected by evidences of globalization?
      • Many other interesting evidences of liberality on behalf of the lord of the soil present themselves, which are well worthy of notice.
      • There are several evidences of his appreciation of the greatest Soviet ruler.
      • The first is an attempt to see whether there is evidence of Greek influence.

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