Traducción de evident en español:


evidente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɛvədənt/ /ˈɛvɪd(ə)nt/

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    she dresses with evident care se nota que pone un gran cuidado en el vestir
    • it was all too evident that he was lying era evidente / se notaba / estaba claro que estaba mintiendo
    • Planning law is not easy for laymen to understand, which is evident from your editorial.
    • His importance to the team was clearly evident when he was ruled out for the final months of the season.
    • If there is none, this will be clearly evident to all who live in the tradition, and to those beyond.
    • A gift of leadership and a facility of speech were clearly evident from his youth.
    • If a relationship is strong, a clear patterning to the variables will be evident.
    • It is not at all evident that Western intelligence has any clear idea where to locate him.
    • Her natural gift of drawing is evident from her work as well as her love of tone and colour.
    • He had a great sense of justice and fair play and this was so evident on the football field.
    • The words are becoming familiar and the lack of youth provision appears evident.
    • The party atmosphere will be evident in scores of other venues across the city.
    • The communality of the hotel's ownership is evident in the friendliness of the staff.
    • The railway stations revert to older materials and greater personal care is evident.
    • Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much in the way of evident relaxation or solution.
    • That flaw was evident in the first half yesterday but was rectified almost immediately.
    • The new stadium is going up very slowly, with the new arch still barely evident.
    • It hangs from two points, its weight evident, about to fall and reveal what lies beyond.
    • It is evident there is an ongoing need for a local group campaigning in the cause of peace and justice.
    • The warmth of the reception is evident as you drive up the motorway from Chicago.
    • The ink smearing is evident foreshadowing of her death, but also of what else is to come.
    • This is a trend that's been evident for the last three years and it has culminated in this.