Traducción de evil en español:


malvado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈivəl/ /ˈiːv(ə)l/ /ˈiːvɪl/

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    (demon/wizard) malvado
    (demon/wizard) maligno
    (deeds/thoughts/character) de gran maldad
    (influence) maléfico
    (influence) funesto
    (plan/suggestion) diabólico
    (plan/suggestion) maléfico
    an evil spirit un espíritu maligno / maléfico
    • an evil tongue una lengua viperina / malévola
    • evil spell maleficio
    • an evil killer un malvado asesino
    • She too is evil, dark and wicked and she too will pay the price if she does die.
    • A girl can't even get the satisfaction of contemplating evil deeds in a properly villainous position these days!
    • His atrocities and evil deeds invited the curse.
    • Not to show overwhelming strength is immoral, since it will induce evildoers to perform more evil deeds because they'll think they can get away with it.
    • The act of killing thousands of innocent people is profoundly evil and we rightly abhor it.
    • A man is either good, bad or evil, moral or immoral.
    • Since then, I have heard Destiny call us evil, abnormal and immoral.
    • If it had not been for that day, she'd still be living with her mother, not knowing anything about her evil grandfather and his wicked schemes.
    • We read about someone who does evil deeds and is of wrong view, and who has an unhappy rebirth.
    • She will then be able to turn around and say - everyone knows of this person, everyone has heard of this person, and his evil deeds that I allege he's done.
    • ‘These people have to repent their evil deeds and show they have repented,’ he said.
    • The Queen's Park sex attacker has already told friends or family about his evil deed, according to the man leading the hunt to catch him.
    • Taxes with or without representation are evil, ever fostering harm and destruction.
    • Logically, if one follows the common mores of the west, the intent to ‘do harm’ would be evil.
    • In his homily he urged the young people to remain loyal to the pledge to abstain from alcohol which they were taking, and warned them of the evil effect on society from the use of drugs.
    • It is a lesson which some of our less enlightened citizens would do well to learn before they put pen to paper decrying the wholesale evil effects of immigration.
    • Many of the participants painted wine glass in flames and a serpent coming out of a liquor bottle, throwing light on the evil effects of drinking.
    • The ceremony was prompted by an astrologer who told the girl's father that the union would transfer the evil effects of the planet Saturn from the girl to the dog.
    • People throng it to ward off the evil effects of this planet.
    • That's what good laws do, father: restrain the evil effects of misuse of free will.
    • One little girl reminded me that the guitar, too, is hard to use to really evil effect if it is at least in tune.
    • Britain's colonial policy, which resulted in the annexation of NZ in 1840, was also shaped by a desire to limit the evil effects of the felonry on Maori.
    • If you are not prepared to consider the evil effects of the war alongside the putative advantages, then you will be unlikely to reach a reliable evaluation of the evidence.
    • Protecting civilians from the evil effects of battle has long been a fundamental goal of the law of armed conflict.
    • He was so certain as to the evil effects that he might not go out, fearing some street accident.
    • Having good intentions, not harming others, avoiding evil actions and making the heart and mind pure in thought were among the truths spoken by the Buddha.
    • An evil act, a destructive act, is a choice made by a human being.
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    (smell) asqueroso
    he has an evil temper tiene muy mal genio
    • One of these, when I knew it many years ago, was black, splattered with pigeon droppings, subjected to dense fogs, evil smells, filth everywhere.
    • Speight's putsch has the evil smell of a South Pacific Kristallnacht.
    • Borne along by the flow of traffic, she passed through the forum arch into a stew of noises, colors, and evil smells.
    • It also seemed to have been taken for granted that it was the source of the evil smell that lingered in the room.
    • The whole place had a damp and evil smell, and as I moved my torch a rat scuttled across the floor.


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    (sin, wrong-doing)
    mal masculino
    there is no evil in her no tiene ninguna maldad
    • the struggle of good against evil la lucha del bien y del mal
    • Next will be that perennial complaint by predictable hand wringers that children's toy advertising is a modern evil of biblical proportions.
    • I implore the May Day protesters to worry about real problems, rather than just labelling everything as an evil of capitalism.
    • There are indications that romantic aberrations are becoming more and more an evil of underprivileged people.
    • An evil of unimaginable proportions has been unleashed.
    • The evil of entrusting our liberty to politicians is compounded by a lack of independent safeguards or transparency.
    • All of the priests I interviewed saw witchcraft as an intrinsic evil of the post-colonial economy.
    • But the whole business of slavery is an evil of the first magnitude, and a most horrible iniquity to traffic with slaves and souls of men; and an evil.
    • The evil of these acts is almost too much to comprehend.
    • So for days I ate turkey, feebly rationalizing that I wouldn't add the evil of waste to the evil of the murder of the poor birds, who by then were beyond pain.
    • It protects me from the evil of surveillance - by officials, by the unwanted gaze of strangers, by anyone I chose to remain anonymous from.
    • The Alliance will continue to use our powers for the good of promoting these two, rather than for the evil of working against those we don't want to win.
    • Many people have made the point that the Holocaust is not simply a terrible historical event, but a reminder for everyone of the evil of which humans are capable.
    • And he spoke candidly of the whole Catholic Church in this country being ‘tainted with the evil of child abuse’.
    • He regarded vampirism as a curse, and the ultimate evil was to force it on someone unwilling.
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    (sth harmful)
    mal masculino
    • It is a minor skin problem yet it is considered a social evil.
    • We are responsible to God if by our carelessness or neglect we lead our children into a life or crime or other social evils.
    • He had rendered an unrelenting battle against the social evils which was taken up by his disciples later.
    • He urged the people to cooperate the district administration in its fight against social evils.
    • To cope with such social evils, people spend money on more expensive products.
    • The protection of young people from smoking and other social evils are our responsibility.
    • I owe the media thanks for acting like a mirror in exposing those social evils such as corruption.
    • The course focuses on systemic evils and the social contexts that produce them.
    • Issues such as suicides of farmers, pollution and social evils are often the subjects.
    • The blow by blow attack on social evils was delineated through other forms of folk art too.
    • It was a forced response, albeit a generous one, to the social evils that the hurricane had exposed.
    • In a bold but lucid way he lays bare the social evils and rampant corruption in those times.
    • This is the latest episode in the vilification of videogames, which overnight has become a social evil up there with guns, pornography, and smoking.
    • Alms-giving should be eradicated as a social evil like untouchability.
    • Professionals who excel in their field but become edentulous when they come up against a social evil.
    • She just doesn't get it - the depiction of family dysfunction is not a social evil.
    • Where in the world has the African culture regarded the practice of homosexuality as a social evil?
    • These evils are extraordinarily difficult to prove in particular cases.
    • Hopefully the Biblical passage above will serve to act as a timely reminder of the evils and perils of dancing.