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eviscerar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈvɪsəˌreɪt/ /ɪˈvɪsəreɪt/

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verbo transitivo

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    eviscerar formal
    • Too bad there's not a button you can press to eviscerate someone.
    • Please note I will be forced to eviscerate you in the process.
    • It was a new thing, that they could eviscerate him when they caught him.
    • In addition to eviscerating an occasional cow here and there, our men will spread out over the planet's fields of grain to create wonderful patterns.
    • These ranged from insult and hyperbole to completely destroying property and literally eviscerating enemies.
    • The fact that his educational opportunities expanded as a result of the same event that psychically eviscerated his father is compelling, but the theme is dropped.
    • The man in the grey turtleneck eviscerates poor Jonah - or would have, if Jonah possessed viscera.
    • Caesar beheaded one man, and eviscerated another.
    • A soldier attacked, and was eviscerated within seconds.
    • But, Brandon says, courts have essentially eviscerated this part of the 21st Amendment - good for economic liberty but bad interpretation of the constitutional text.
    • Giving ‘disposal’ passive content would eviscerate that plain purpose.
    • He lied us into two hideously unfair tax cuts; he lied us into an unnecessary war with disastrous consequences; he lied us into the Patriot Act, eviscerating our freedoms.
    • It takes a lot of chutzpah to denounce the unhealthy influence of campaign contributions at the exact moment you are eviscerating the spirit of our campaign laws.
    • The disease is not only devastating families and communities; it is eviscerating national economies.
    • He is simply an unwitting victim of circumstance; a convenient scapegoat for eviscerating the rule of law.
    • As one might expect, he's wasting no time eviscerating the sports media.
    • The real issue today is how to beat the insurgency without eviscerating the American military to do it.
    • Extending terms of existing copyrights eviscerates this deal, granting a windfall to corporate copyright holders and heirs of famous artists in exchange for nothing, since the creators are mostly dead.
    • Third, this is also the argument against ‘triggers’ that end the tax cuts if the deficit dwindles, because it eviscerates the restraints on government growth imposed by the tax cuts.
    • Should patents on research tools that have no significant market outside the research community be subject to a research exemption that effectively eviscerates their commercial value?
    • He both eviscerates the Democrats' arguments and puts the issue in Constitutional perspective.
    • He learned from it, for here he eviscerates American culture as he defines class distinctions.
    • None of these possibilities are likely to unfold, however, if the promise of economic security for retirement is eviscerated in the meantime.
    • Today, as democratic politics is eviscerated into marketing alone, it is assumed that this candidate deserves to win.
    • The government's proposed monitoring would have eviscerated the attorney-client privilege.
    • An appellate tribunal overturned the original opinion that had eviscerated free speech rights.
    • But content owners have raised legitimate questions about the scope and effect of these measures, and concerns about whether they would eviscerate their copyright protection technologies must be addressed.
    • An all-file-sharing environment would eviscerate the capital resources that make the technological development possible, and probably drive up the average cost to home-recorders considerably.
    • Rather than a lack of will, what Latin America suffers from is a set of interlocking institutional crises that eviscerate the democratic order without necessarily promoting dictatorship.