Translation of evolution in Spanish:


evolución, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛvəˈluʃ(ə)n/ /ˌiːvəˈluːʃ(ə)n/ /ˈɛvəluːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (gradual change)
    evolución feminine
    desarrollo masculine
    the theory of evolution la teoría de la evolución (de las especies)
    • Here too there might be an ontological clue to the development or evolution of language.
    • First, it recognizes gradual evolution of both language and music.
    • Differences between us and the Sumerians (or Egyptians, or Mayans, or whatever) can be explained through gradual evolution of language and culture.
    • Other arguments about gradual social evolution deprive the people involved of their agency (a theoretical issue).
    • An unprecedented event in Taiwan's political history, the recount is part of the progressive and gradual evolution of democracy.
    • The evolution of language required major additions to the cognitive structure of the mimetic mind.
    • The most significant change she has seen has been the gradual evolution of food quality.
    • During this time, his style and technique have both undergone a gradual yet notable evolution.
    • The most visible effects of Asian trade on Britain were the gradual evolution of new consumer tastes and the growth of mass markets for commodities, previously unknown.
    • In contrast, termites have been rather neglected and are mentioned only briefly in major references on social evolution.
    • It is only extended to individuals who have contributed most to the development and evolution of some aspect of the Irish economy through the use of leading edge connected technology.
    • Anything done to usurp the development of our mental evolution will lead to the regression of man, the destruction of community and the eventual return to the law of the jungle.
    • I'm very interested in the development and evolution of digital music.
    • This development follows the general evolution in society towards casualization.
    • This book focuses on the development and evolution of institutions on the western frontier.
    • Then you have the gradual evolution into modern art, where the artist's identity completely overtakes both their style and their subject matter.
    • The advantage of a system based on insurance is that it allows gradual evolution towards a reasonable standard that reflects consumers' judgments about the type and cost of cover they want.
    • They face the challenge of being flexible and adaptable to the patterns that occur and recur through the constant evolution of the aviation business.
    • Yet despite its success, the gradual evolution of English cut motifs, from as early as 1700, has long remained uncharted due to a lack of documentary evidence.
    • To support instead the gradual evolution of a customary prohibition of amnesty for the crimes under discussion, one may mention other elements of State practice.
  • 2formal

    (planned movement)
    evolución feminine formal
    • Many commanders either could not trust their troops to perform the complex evolutions required or failed to locate the enemy in time to deploy.
    • Even on a conventional battlefield, conducting a successful relief in place is among the more demanding of military evolutions.
    • They need to perform evolutions such as breaking contact on different live-fire ranges and in varying terrain types.
    • Before the aforementioned evolutions, however, the captain had twice sent for some grog ‘for their present accommodation’ to settle the dispute about quitting or at least omitting the drill.
    • I'm writing because I do not want other Navy SAR units to get the impression it's OK to wear training gear for actual evolutions and to do full live hoists by litter as part of a mishap drill.
    • Naval aviation is dangerous enough without eliminating all known discrepancies and confusion from complex evolutions, such as a carrier launch.
    • Our flight-deck crew had been working nonstop in support of real-world operations and day-night training evolutions.
    • It seemed there never was enough time for all the necessary evolutions, much less those things I had kept putting off until the pace slacked off just a bit.
    • The OinC had spoken to us from time to time regarding evolutions that required our close attention to make them go smoothly.
    • The only modification that applied to me was leaving the RAST probe in the down position during the evolutions.
    • Westralia's warfare capabilities and performance were tested beyond that normally expected of a tanker during several evolutions including air warfare and damage control exercises.
    • To assume its wartime configuration for these evolutions, the Seventh Air Force's air operations center requires hundreds of augmentees from other commands.
    • When it is your shop's day, a petty officer is selected to watch selected maintenance evolutions (basically the same duties as the safety petty officer in the squadron).
    • Two, pick up into a hover and do a pedal turn to park the aircraft on the port line-up, a three-minute evolution at most.
    • We were fortunate this was not a night evolution, and the damage was visible to those outside our aircraft.
    • The IPT ensures continued ability to meet baseline requirements while adapting to requirements evolutions that drive system modifications.
    • Close manoeuvring, defending against air and submarine attacks, naval gunfire shoots, practising replenishment operations at sea and helicopter operations will be among the evolutions which should keep the teenagers excited.
    • While all three phases have their individual objectives, they all share common physical evolutions including running, swimming and the obstacle courses.