Translation of ex-service in Spanish:


retirado de las fuerzas armadas, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛksˈsərvəs/


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    retirado de las fuerzas armadas
    (organizations/community) de antiguos miembros de las fuerzas armadas
    • Since the beginning of this year, more than 105,000 medals have been presented to members of the ADF and ex-service communities.
    • We could publish statements, signed by ex-service personnel and reservists, to raise the profile.
    • The number of service and ex-service personnel signing up to help is regrettably less and less.
    • He was renowned for his strong views on issues such as the rights of ex-service personnel and the monarchy, and he defended those views with vigour.
    • Also invited were members of other ex-service organisations, and several uniformed and religious groups, as well as the national organiser of the Canal Zoners.
    • Wreath laying was led by the borough's Mayor, and members of the armed forces and ex-service organisations paraded past the Mansion House.
    • After house jobs came war service in the Royal Navy, and then postgraduate education for ex-service medical officers in Oxford.
    • Money raised from the sale of Poppies goes to the Royal British Legion to help ex-service people and their dependents.
    • The badge is a free gift to all who qualify and it is not restricted to members of the Royal British Legion or any other ex-service organisation.
    • On Remembrance Day last year, he attended and upset a lot of the war widows and older ex-service persons when he didn't have his poppy on.
    • They were animated by the postwar idealism of ex-service personnel, a deep-seated fear of socialism, and a commitment to free enterprise.
    • All the money is to help to support ex-service personnel and their dependents in providing the relief they need when they are suffering and are in distress.
    • The cemetery contains the bodies of military personnel who died in service, as well as those of ex-service personnel and dependents.
    • When the war ended, four of the hospitals were closed and Broughton House became a care home for ex-service personnel.
    • The military has also selectively called up over 6,000 ex-service personnel with specialised skills who are on the rolls of the Individual Ready Reserve.
    • The trust runs 16 grant schemes using money from government, ex-service organisations and private sponsors, with about 50 new grants offered each year.
    • The soldiers, who were accompanied by ex-service veterans paraded past the Mansion House where the Lord Mayor took the salute.
    • Contributions raised through the poppy campaign are used toward helping ex-service personnel, and to grant bursaries for their children and grandchildren.
    • The tribunal heard appeals from ex-service staff whose claims for a war pension were rejected by the Defence Secretary - and its ruling could benefit hundreds of former servicemen.
    • ‘It is a very good turn out with about 140 ex-service people on parade,’ he said.