Traducción de ex-serviceman en español:


soldado retirado, n.

Pronunciación /ɛksˈsərvɪsmən/ /ɛk(s)ˈsəːvɪsmən/

nombreplural ex-servicemen

  • 1

    (soldier) soldado retirado masculino
    (soldier) militar retirado masculino
    (sailor) marinero retirado masculino
    • The Navy's list of servicemen and ex-servicemen without a home of their own includes about 19,000 people.
    • After the service the ex-servicemen and women will march past the town hall and take a salute led by the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire.
    • Both ex-servicemen and members of the public have been staying in tents and caravans for over four weeks so they can reserve the house of their choice.
    • There are 16,389 ex-servicemen, 157 war widows and 5,508 widows of other soldiers.
    • The Royal British Legion offers support to ex-servicemen and women and their families who need their help.
    • The mechanistic aspects of warfighting were all in the hands of Pakistani military personnel, ex-servicemen or serving instructors.
    • And with so many servicemen and ex-servicemen in the town most people knew one or more of the crew.
    • The GI Bill provided very cheap home ownership, loans to start up businesses, and free college tuition for ex-servicemen.
    • All funds raised by the riders will go to the Army Benevolent Fund, which provides financial and practical support for soldiers, ex-servicemen and their families in their times of need.
    • But the problem has been compounded by the inability of the Legion to attract younger ex-servicemen and new lifeblood.
    • His father is an ex-serviceman now working as a military policeman.
    • Some of them are ex-servicemen or married to service people and they were crying as they sang it.
    • Ireland may be about to get its first paramilitary ex-servicemen's organisation.
    • Included in the congregation were a military colour party, a colour party of ex-servicemen and many relatives of the deceased soldiers.
    • All actions are carried out under the command of the numerous other British ex-servicemen hired by Henderson to staff the upper echelons of the special branch.
    • After the First World War it employed ex-servicemen and ordered new rolling stock in large quantities in order to strengthen the national industry.
    • With the constant terror threat, the need for ex-servicemen to do reserve duty is paramount.
    • The traditional system of private welfare assisting ex-servicemen and their dependants had to be recast.
    • The services of ex-servicemen can be utilised by the police to control cases of theft in the town.