Translation of exactly in Spanish:


exactamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzæk(t)li/ /ɪɡˈzak(t)li/ /ɛɡˈzak(t)li/

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    (measure/calculate) exactamente
    (measure/calculate) con precisión
    she arrived at six-thirty exactly or at exactly six-thirty llegó a las seis y media en punto
    • exactly how/where did you do it? ¿cómo/dónde lo hizo exactamente?
    • he told me exactly the same story me dijo exactamente lo mismo
    • that's exactly what I was going to say es precisamente / exactamente lo que iba a decir
    • they weren't exactly pleased to see us no es que estuvieran precisamente encantados de vernos
    • it needs a coat of paint — exactly! necesita una mano de pintura — ¡exacto! / ¡así es! / ¡efectivamente!
    • so she's a friend of yours? — not exactly, but … ¿así que es amiga tuya? — lo que se dice amiga no, pero …
    • He doesn't pull any punches and he lets you know in no uncertain terms exactly what he wants from you.
    • I'm not sure what bird it is exactly, it's definitely a raptor, and looks like a huge hawk.
    • We now know exactly what Lancashire has done in terms of modernisation, and what is needed.
    • As a rule, there is no term in the contract about exactly where he is to work.
    • While commonly used by many authors, it is not so easy to pinpoint exactly what they mean by the term.
    • I want to ask him to open the books and tell us exactly what this war is costing in financial terms.
    • Whether this assertion is warranted and what exactly it amounts to is quite another question.
    • Well a lot of the problem was the definitions of what is a yacht and who exactly is Rich.
    • No question it's an excellent film but how accurate is that description exactly?
    • It took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what I hated about this painting.
    • More precisely, have you guessed exactly where the one large casino is going to be yet?
    • We need to identify exactly where problems exist and respond to them with precision.
    • No one can be absolutely correct about when exactly life begins and every person will have his or her own view.
    • Do you know exactly what you want to do with yourself once your undergrad degree is over?
    • When the first Icehotel in the world opened, some people were a little bemused by exactly what it was.
    • Second, what does it mean, exactly, to talk about children dying from air pollution?
    • It would have been a perfect spot for stargazing, had she known exactly what it was she was looking for.
    • So we need to identify exactly what the barriers are to see if we can correct them.
    • Now, just exactly where have all the scraps of paper with the new addresses got to?
    • Newspapers can monitor exactly which stories in that spot will sell most papers.