Traducción de exactness en español:


exactitud, n.

Pronunciación /ɪɡˈzæk(t)nəs/ /ɛɡˈzak(t)nəs/

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    exactitud femenino
    precisión femenino
    • After this feeling of awe at the terrible precision and exactness of the world, I began to experience another emotion: irrelevancy.
    • Improvised circus sounds like a bit of a contradiction in terms, since circus by its very nature requires precision, planning and exactness.
    • As the pictures show, tiling is a craft that requires precision and an exactness to ensure that it will remain intact and secure for many years to come.
    • What's needed is some mental stretching to recognize the fact that usually what is called for is some degree of practical commercial acceptability rather than mathematical precision or laboratory exactness.
    • His English translator complimented him on his thorough inductive exactness.