Translation of examination in Spanish:


examen, n.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˌzæməˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɪɡˌzamɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɛɡˌzamɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1 formal

    School University
    examen masculine
    to take or (British also) sit an examination dar / hacer un examen
    • to pass an examination aprobar / pasar un examen
    • to fail an examination reprobar un examen
    • a history examination un examen de historia
    • examination board tribunal
    • You and your child will be faced with plenty of tests and formal examinations in the years to come.
    • The objective tests in the entrance examinations hardly speak of the candidate's knowledge, aptitude and attitude.
    • The winner is selected on the marks achieved in written, practical and oral examinations along with project work.
    • Various skills of the student are tested in an entrance examination.
    • The authority also decided not to offer examinations in eight subjects from 2007 because of a decreasing number of candidates.
    • Although most of the people discussing this topic were not of the age to sit Proficiency we had examinations each term and took them seriously.
    • Within an IB Program students are required to complete and take examinations in six IB subjects.
    • I did some extra subjects, I think I did nine subjects in the leaving examination and got a few credits.
    • The fact remains that young people face a battery of examinations and tests.
    • It means they are on their own on the final hurdle of a seemingly endless slog of course work, mock examinations, orals, practicals and revision which began in year nine.
    • By the time they have cleared the school examinations, professional entrance tests are upon them, catching them unawares.
    • Results in national tests and examinations in the last three years were found to be below average.
    • She said she could not wait for the November examination because the test paper would be based on a new syllabus.
    • Others are choosing to demonstrate competency by completing the proficiency examinations in one or more of these areas.
    • Many of these observations deserve to be, and have been, the subject of book-length examinations.
    • They had the effect of determining at what level students would be entered for 16 + public examinations and in what subjects.
    • They are so well-tutored, so disciplined, that they almost relish such examinations of skill and character.
    • Fresh from residency in a community based hospital, I felt as if these figures from medical school clinical examinations had come back to haunt me.
    • Almost all the universities in the State have a calendar for the conduct of examination.
    • MacCullagh entered for the highly competitive fellowship examination, conducted orally in Latin.
  • 2

    • 2.1(inspection)

      (of accounts) revisión feminine
      (of accounts) inspección feminine
      (of building) inspección feminine
      (of passports) control masculine
      (by doctor) reconocimiento masculine
      (by doctor) examen masculine
      (by doctor) revisación feminine River Plate
      • Seventeen of his patients had fatal angina confirmed by autopsy examinations.
      • Detailed shoulder examinations were performed of both sides to assess range of motion, strength, and stability.
      • Screening clinical and functional examinations preceded CT studies of the lungs.
      • Careful physical and neurologic examinations can enable the physician to exclude organic causes.
      • But the BMJ queried whether these conclusions had been drawn from an examination of the study's raw data.
      • A closer examination of this study and of the literature, however, puts the problem into perspective.
      • Neurological examinations are performed by the neurologist or surgeon during this part of the procedure.
      • Ophthalmological examination showed bilateral cataracts by 3 weeks of age.
      • This includes more ultrasound examinations to detect intrauterine growth retardation.
      • Yearly ophthalmological examinations are important to assess for retinopathy.
      • One independent experienced radiologist evaluated all the MRI examinations.
      • Neurologic and vascular examinations of the upper extremity should be completed and documented.
      • The authors advocate this management option in those patients who can be followed closely with clinical and radiological examinations.
      • These variations would have been found in surgical exploration and, most of them, in radiologic examinations.
      • ECG and cardiac ultrasound examinations were reviewed by a cardiologist.
      • Radiologic and cytologic examinations may cause misinterpretation of such lesions as thyroid tumors.
      • Neurological examination between seizures had normal results, and otherwise she was completely well.
      • The other physical findings and neurologic examinations were unremarkable.
      • A neurological examination is performed to look for any signs of brain dysfunction.
      • Management begins with a careful examination to rule out neurologic or vascular deficits.
      • You will be asked about your medical history and you will have a full examination, including checks on your heart and lungs.

    • 2.2(study, investigation)

      examen masculine
      it requires close examination requiere un examen riguroso / minucioso
      • on closer examination we discovered this mark al examinarlo más de cerca descubrimos esta marca
      • At the Inquest examination of witnesses will bring out more evidence and detail.
      • Generally speaking, judges have broad powers in directing the examination of witnesses.
      • He has the same powers as the court in respect of the attendance and the examination of witnesses and the production of documents.
      • There followed a prolonged sensation in court, which interrupted the examination of the witness.
      • In the present case each of the letters of request contains an express statement as to the purpose for which the examination of the witness is sought.
      • His subsequent examination of the witness statements of family and friends do not cause him to alter this view.
      • Mr. Sammon submits that the party conducting an examination of the witness has an obligation to be fair to the witness.
      • The defence could have enforced an examination of that person by resorting to the Rules of Procedure.
      • Yes, and a whole lot of examinations before liquidators in current proceedings in the Supreme Court by ACT against directors.
      • Many of the undertakings given on the Plaintiffs' examinations for discovery are still outstanding.
      • Mr Baer's first report was prepared as a result of his examination of the claimant on 19th April 1996.
      • The defendant brought a motion to compel the attendance of the plaintiff at an examination for discovery.
      • In other words, are there any constraints to apply to the examination of the complainant in the later case.
      • Jacob couldn't even listen to the examination of the prosecution's next witness.
      • A party has inherent right to be present at the examination for discovery of the opposite party.
      • During the examination of witnesses, each of the Counsel had, at times, to put questions to the witnesses.
      • He will suffer great expense if required to attend here for examinations, pre-trial and trial.
      • It is evidence that is a result of an examination occurring after trial.
      • For example, the trial system demands examination and cross-examination of witnesses.
      • The plaintiffs have never conducted examinations for discovery.

  • 3

    (of witness)
    interrogatorio masculine